Supporting Documents

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2.1 System Requirements

2.2 Logging In

2.3 How to Get Help

3.1 Company Settings

3.2 Setting Up Payment Methods

3.3 Set Date and Time Format

3.4a Tax Settings & Price Rounding (AU, NZ, UK)

3.4b Tax Settings & Price Rounding (USA & Canada)

3.5 Setting Up Your Lead Source List

3.6 Setting Up Your Window Names and Designations

3.7 Setting Up Your Products of Interest List

3.8 Check/Add An Employee

4.1 Product Settings Overview

4.2 Accessing Your Brands

4.3a Open a Brand and Activate Products (AU, NZ, UK)

4.3b Open a Brand and Activate Products (USA & Canada)

5.1 Setting Up Your Scheduler View

5.2 Creating a Lead

5.3 Creating an Appointment from a Lead

5.4 Creating an Appointment in Scheduler

5.5 The Appointment Card

5.6 Sync Scheduler with your Google or Outlook Calendar

5.7 Creating Automated Appointment Reminders

5.8 Showing Users on the Scheduler

6.1 Starting a Quote from An Appointment

6.2 Creating a New Quote from Quote List Page

6.3 Adding Windows to Your Quote

6.4 Adding Multiple Windows Quickly

6.5 Adding Products to Your Quote

6.6 Managing Prices

6.7 Sending Your Quote to the Customer

6.8 Using Quick Quotes

6.9 Managing Your Quote List

6.10 Turning the Keypad On and Off

9.8 Markup vs Margin

14.1 Smart Quote Setup

15.15 Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)

16.7 Setting Up Appointment Confirmations and Reminders


Quoterite’s e-commerce system is a seamless solution that empowers businesses to sell online easily. It integrates with your website, allowing you to manage your product catalog and offer a visually stunning shopping experience to your customers.

With our easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can embed short codes in your online store to establish a live 2-way connection between your website and Quoterite’s Product Builder. This connection enables smooth order processing and syncing of client details.

Absolutely! Unlike rigid template systems, Quoterite’s e-commerce solution allows you to maintain consistent branding and design control over your website. Our team can assist your website developer with style-sheet implementation for a perfect setup.

While specializing in window coverings, Quoterite’s Product Builder can configure and manage a wide range of products, from doors and lighting to cushions and accessories. If you need to add products beyond window coverings, contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Yes, our monthly subscription fee covers all the training and support you need. Our team is always there to assist with product updates, development, and general system training. You’re never on your own with Quoterite’s dedicated support.