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E-Commerce Sales
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e-Commerce Solutions

Our powerful e-commerce solution takes the stress out of online selling, offering an intuitive shopping experience to your customers. 

Seamlessly integrate your online store with Quoterite’s Product Builder, allowing you to manage your product catalog easily. With live stock and inventory control, your clients can place orders effortlessly, while our team maintains your product specifications and pricing.

How it Works

Streamlined E-commerce Setup

Sign Up

Join Quoterite and provide website details to kickstart your online selling journey.

Expert Configuration

Our team guides your website developer through the setup and connection process.

Product Range

While your team builds the website, our Product team takes care of configuring your product range.

Seamless Website

Once everything is ready, we connect your website to Quoterite for a seamless product display.

Thorough Testing

We conduct thorough testing to ensure smooth operation before going live.

Ready for Marketing

With your website connected, start marketing and watch the sales roll in.

Lift Off!

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Training & Support

Our expert team is here to guide you from sign-up to your first online sale. We provide your website developer with documentation and instructions to configure and connect your website to Quoterite’s systems.

Our Product team will build and configure your product range, ensuring everything is set up correctly. We’ll arrange Zoom calls to review progress together. With comprehensive training and support, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing Options

Our pricing is transparent and customisable, catering to your specific needs. The monthly subscription covers all the help and support you need, forever.

The one-time initial setup fee includes:

With Quoterite’s superior industry experience and support, you’ll gain a high-end product that outshines template versions, providing long-term benefits for your business.

Enhanced E-Commerce Features

Quoterite’s e-commerce system offers a range of benefits that elevate your online business. From secure payments with third-party plugins like PayPal and Stripe to configurable shipping options, you’ll have everything you need to sell online seamlessly. 

Enjoy live 2-way connections between your website and Quoterite’s Product Builder, enabling automatic updates of orders and product details. With complete control over product markups, margins, and discounts, your online store will provide a visually stunning, customer-centric shopping experience.


Quoterite’s e-commerce system is a seamless solution that empowers businesses to sell online easily. It integrates with your website, allowing you to manage your product catalog and offer a visually stunning shopping experience to your customers.

With our easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can embed short codes in your online store to establish a live 2-way connection between your website and Quoterite’s Product Builder. This connection enables smooth order processing and syncing of client details.

Absolutely! Unlike rigid template systems, Quoterite’s e-commerce solution allows you to maintain consistent branding and design control over your website. Our team can assist your website developer with style-sheet implementation for a perfect setup.

While specializing in window coverings, Quoterite’s Product Builder can configure and manage a wide range of products, from doors and lighting to cushions and accessories. If you need to add products beyond window coverings, contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Yes, our monthly subscription fee covers all the training and support you need. Our team is always there to assist with product updates, development, and general system training. You’re never on your own with Quoterite’s dedicated support.