Information at Your Fingertips with Measure and Installation.

We make work straight forward and efficient for your measure and installation team.

Give them everything they need for easy, mistake-free appointments, while all their data feeds straight back into your Workflow Manager and reporting dashboards.

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Quoterite advanced measure and installation tools

Streamline Operations with Advanced Measure and Installation Tools

Quoterite gives you easy access to everything your measure and installation teams need all in one place

  • View all jobs booked at a glance and easily search for future jobs
  • See every type of job on one page from measures, installs, service, warranty and even sales calls
  • Appointments sync to your Google or Outlook calendar, automatically adding the measure and install sheets to those appointments
  • View client contact information
  • Use the task management system to add processes for anyone including yourself
  • Email or text the client with all communication logged in the client logs
  • Use our payment integrations to take payments from clients via credit card while onsite
  • View any documents, drawings or images uploaded during the entire process
  • Instantly download any measure or install sheets as you need
  • Our Google integration makes traveling to your customer’s home easy, just click Get Directions and Google Maps automatically loads and directs you to their home

Install Functions

Install functions allow you to:

  • See all products and goods needed to be taken to site with their location
  • Tick off goods once loaded and visually see when you’re complete
  • See any measure and install notes from the order or office
  • See all window and product information needed like sizes, mount, etc.
  • See all product options selected to know you have the right thing
  • Add any notes, photos or drawings to each product during the install
  • Set the status of each product during install like, complete, needs repair, and create your own statuses
Measure and Installation - Quote drapes and soft furnishings easily

Teams using Quoterite found they cut out 2 in every 5 hours spent on tasks, and reduced mistakes by 90%.

*Averages from client feedback

Measure Functions

Measure functions allow you to:

  • See the original measurements and add any new updated ones
  • Update the product mount or fit type information as needed
  • See any measure and install notes from the order or office
  • See all product options selected to know you have the right thing
  • Add any notes, photos or drawings to each product during the measure
  • Set the status of each product during measure like, complete, needs re-measure, and create your own statuses

After Measure and Install

  • Add any terms or conditions to this PDF and allow your client and or installer to sign off on site to confirm the correct information is supplied
  • Once you have completed the job and set all statuses and collect the right information simply select Submit report, which produces a PDF report on screen to review
  • When the report is submitted, an email is sent to the assigned team members advising a report has been submitted ready for review
  • Jobs are also tagged as Report Submitted on the Workflow Manager
  • Each report sent is logged and saved for future reference
  • Once your team has reviewed the measure report, simply select Merge to update the new sizes to the quote which automatically updates allowing you to view a before and after report of any price changes
Measure and Installation - Quote drapes and soft furnishings easily

Quoterite can save a 6 person business up to 40 hours per week.

*Estimates taken from client statistics

Service and Warranty Functions

Service and warranty functions:

  • If the details on work needed is pre-setup, you will already have everything you need, including a parts list and details on the work to do
  • If you’ve been sent out to get a report and / or action the work required, then using our custom report function will be a huge help
  • Directly from the measure and install screen, create a custom report detailing the windows, any parts needed and work needing to be actioned
  • Add in the costs you need to charge the client
  • Get the client’s signature to confirm the work and charge, then automatically turn the custom quote to an order
  • Complete the work on the spot, even taking payment through Quoterite’s credit card integrations, or book a future date
  • Once complete you can simply send this custom report to the team

What if I have contractors or don’t want my fitters to access Quoterite?

In this case, you can add these people in as an “Inactive” user meaning they can’t log in. This gives you the ability to add them in FREE, so you can still assign them work on the Scheduler, produce and send them all measure and install sheets, and service details.

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