Fast, Accurate Automated Processes and Reporting.

Making difficult things easy.

Our automated processes and reporting features are designed to help businesses save time, increase efficiencies and reduce costly errors.

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Automated Processes and Reporting

Streamline tedious manual processes with a range of helpful workflow automations.

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Payment Integrations

Integrate with various payment gateways to process payments directly through Quoterite.

We support these payment processors and more. Don’t see your’s listed? Contact us.

US payment integrations

Whether it’s through the sales department, your install team while onsite, or even staff at the home office, our integrated payment processor gets the job done.

Process payments from anywhere

  • Any staff member with Quoterite access can process payments from any device
  • Take deposits during appointments, generate and send the client receipt automatically
  • Sync payments received to your accounting system
  • Mark orders as Account, Client, Finance, or Purchase Order with customized statuses

Accounting Integrations

Our account integration tool keeps all invoicing and payments accurately in sync with your accounting system.

Quoterite integrates with Xero, MYOB Account right, MYOB Essentials and Quickbooks.

Automated systems

  • Create automatic and seamless invoices and apply payments
  • Use flexible invoice mapping across multiple accounts, locations and companies
  • Setup ‘tags’ to easily map sales from Quoterite to specific sales accounts in your accounting system
  • If you have multiple companies or locations, seamlessly map invoices for different companies or locations to different sales types in your accounting system

Click here for more information about our integrations.

Custom Multi-Store Management

Quoterite removes the complexities of managing a franchise or a business with multiple stores. Manage 2 or 2,000 stores from a single master console to monitor and manage operations at a national, state, regional or a store based level.

Control with a flexible tiered system

  • Customize the master console to effectively manage stores at levels you define
  • Set up customized performance dashboards to get live reports and data
  • View and manage all store orders and appointments directly from the console

Customize access and functionality

  • Create custom administrative profiles with different levels of access for staff members
  • Control settings such as pricing from the master console, or Un-Attach the pricing control so that stores can do it themselves
  • The master console’s functionality also includes custom parameters to meet client-specific needs

One-Click Ordering

One-Click Ordering is designed to streamline the ordering process so you can send a large volume of orders to the same supplier or manufacturer in bulk. You can also itemize specifications for the supplier or manufacturer, making it a simpler process for everyone.

Designed for organizations placing a large amount of orders, or for those wanting to streamline the process and don’t have time to send out each order individually. It allows retailers to send manufacturers and suppliers bulk orders, while itemizing specifications for the manufacturer, making the process simpler for everyone.

  • Break down each job into brands and products
  • Order all products required from each supplier or manufacturer at one time
  • See the product amounts to be ordered, as well as cost price value
  • Search clients and purchase order numbers easily to view individual order details
  • Access detailed records of past orders to see exactly what was done and by whom

Sync directly with manufacturers
Retailers can work in sync with manufacturers using our API integration so that they can receive your orders directly in their system.

Retailers not connecting via our direct API integration can still easily send their orders via email to the manufacturer who receives them as individual PDF and Excel sheets for each order.

Track on Workflow Manager
Once orders have been sent, they are automatically marked as Ordered on your Workflow Manager.

Reporting & Performance Dashboards

Having the right information on hand at any given time is something that’s long eluded managers and supervisors. Our automated processes and reporting tools are comprehensive enough to capture and calculate the information you need, and user-friendly enough to display this to you and your staff in a way that’s fast and easy to understand.

From high-level company reports to individual staff sales performance, know what’s happening in the company anywhere, at any time.

Easily interpretable formats & displays

  • Display a huge suite of detailed reports with multiple views: A grid view displaying raw data, or graphic views of bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts to get the data displayed the way you want
  • Filter reports for sub-companies, teams and individuals
  • View multi-purpose Individual dashboards for sales staff, displaying only their sales performance information from a huge amount of stats, with a comparison against the set sales budget
  • Use Admin Dashboards to create detailed views displaying critical company information

Our Products

Retail Solutions

More than just quoting software. Enhance your client experience and streamline operations from start to finish.

Manufacturer Solutions

A customized solution with the functionality, structure, and setup you need, implemented by industry experts.

We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader in delivering the features and functions you need.

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