Custom Drapery and Soft Furnishing Tools.

Quoterite is the only window furnishing software that provides a comprehensive, easy to use and customizable soft furnishing tool.

Easily calculate fabric quantities, cuts and generate workroom and manufacturer orders instantly, for your curtains, drapes, pelmets, tiebacks, soft roman blinds and more.

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Quoterite drapery and soft furnishing tools

Reduce Time and Improve Accuracy With Our Drapery and Soft Furnishing Tools

Our custom drapery and soft furnishing tools enhance staff productivity by reducing time spent calculating quotes, while also improving quote accuracy.

  • Calculate all fabric quantities and cuts, produces fabric orders instantly, and produce workroom orders for manufacturing
  • Control what information your clients see, what’s shown on screen, what information is on your workroom manufacturer order, and what information is on your install and measure sheet
  • Seamlessly calculates all S fold and wave fold type headings with various carrier spacing and tape spacing

Quote Drapes and Soft Furnishings Your Way

Gain control over your entire set-up. We even help you configure your specific customizations.

  • Set up custom allowances for different track types, hook allowances and width adjustments to get the perfect details every time with no confusion
  • Customize and control all of the allowances used in all calculations to ensure our tools calculate the fabric quantities and cuts exactly the same as you do now
  • Create simple and easy rules to automatically adjust pricing, such as additional costs for certain measurements. We set these up for you
  • From our product builder, control your entire set up, add new versions of the products, and change and update prices
Quoterite drapes and soft furnishings your way

Our Products

Retail Solutions

More than just quoting software. Enhance your client experience and streamline operations from start to finish.

Manufacturer Solutions

A customized solution with the functionality, structure, and setup you need, implemented by industry experts.

We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader in delivering the features and functions you need.

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