Streamline the Bulk Ordering Process.

Speed up the ordering process with Quoterite. Place and process manufacturer and supplier orders in bulk fast and without unnecessary repetitive hassles.

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What is One-Click Bulk Ordering?

One-Click Bulk Ordering has been designed for organizations putting through a large amount of orders, who don’t have time to send them individually.

It allows you to send manufacturers and suppliers large volumes of jobs at once, while breaking these down for the manufacturer, making it simple for everyone.

  • Break down each job into brands and products
  • Group all products into their respective brands, then order all products required from each supplier in one go
  • See the amount of each product to be ordered, and cost price value
  • Easily search clients and purchase order numbers, to view individual order details as needed
  • Access detailed records of past One-Click Bulk Orders to see exactly what was done and by whom

Sync directly with your manufacturers
This system is designed to work in sync with our API integration for manufacturers so that they can receive your One-Click Bulk Orders directly into their system.

You can still use it without the integration – send all orders via email in One-Click, while the manufacturer receives them as individual PDF and Excel sheets for each order.

Connect back to workflow manager
Once orders are sent, they are automatically marked as ‘ordered’ on your main workflow manager.

Bulk Ordering

Configure Pricing Rules Your Way

One-Click Bulk Ordering

Simply start by sending all jobs ready to be ordered to our One-Click Bulk Ordering system. The system then begins by consolidating all orders by manufacturer and category showing you the cost, value and quantity on each one.

Then, when you’re ready to send your order, simply send a single email to each manufacturer. All orders are automatically packed into zip files with the pdf and / or the excel order sheets.

Alternatively, if your manufacturer is integrated via our API integration, simply select Click To Order online, and that’s it!

Quoterite then sends all orders, automatically marks them as sent, and begins the tracking process for you.

Easy To Use

Quoterite is the only software option that provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use and fully customizable soft furnishing tool.

Designed for busy organizations that put through a large amount of orders, or businesses who don’t have the time to send each order out individually.

Quoterite allows you to send manufacturers and suppliers large volumes of jobs all at once, while breaking these down for the manufacturer, making it simple for everyone.

Our integrations help to automate the processes further once your manufacturer order has been placed. Track orders, coordinate installs and keep your clients abreast of any scheduling changes should they occur.


Gain Instant access to over 3 million fabrics and 25,000 products to choose and order.

About Quoterite

The only software that provides retailers complete integrated access to these leading window fashion brands and more.

Instantly send orders with a single click. No need to re-enter it elsewhere.

Your Store, Your Way

Select and manage your own custom products or choose from trusted leading brands all maintained for FREE

Advanced Product Control

Our state-of-the-art Product Configurator includes more functions, features and flexibility than any other system.

You’ll also get easy access to thousands of validated products from top brands while having the power to manage and maintain your own private label products as well – all for free. Our team will help set up your product catalog when onboarding, and keep it up-to-date while you control markups, margins and more.

Our advanced Product Configurator gives you complete control so you can easily manage product options, configurations, pricing, default options, mandatory fields, validations, and more.

The Power of Advanced Product Management

Quoterite is the only software option that provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use and fully customizable Soft Furnishing tool.

When onboarding, simply let our team know and we can set up the brands you prefer, and make sure you have the knowledge and access needed to get your products set up the way you like.

Create an unlimited amount of products and services of any kind, i.e. furniture, lighting or service work.

If you have a network of dealers, it’s easy to control who accesses and manages your custom brands.

You can even create your own line of in-house products for window furnishings, or whatever you like!

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We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader delivering the features and functions you need.

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