Power your e-commerce store seamlessly

Quoterite’s cloud-ready modules can be plugged straight into your own WordPress and WooCommerce website.

Harness the power of seamlessly
connected components

The same Quoterite functionality is now available as plug-and-play components that can be added straight into your website. Access the same product catalogues, manage inventory and manage your customer orders.

Access a world-class shopping experience that delivers higher conversions and higher spend per transaction

Choose the modules you need today, have confidence that you will be supported as you grow

We build and maintain your product catalogue

Our Product Team works behind the scenes updating product specifications and pricing details, saving you time and money, so that you can focus on growing your business and providing excellent customer service.

Integrate online shopping with personal quoting

The e-commerce plug-ins connect seamlessly to the rest of your Quoterite system, allowing orders to be placed via your website, with automatic direction to your sales and quoting teams in their existing Quoterite modules.

Product and Price management

With a direct link to Quoterite’s product catalogues, your products and pricing are already set up and maintained by our Product Team – ensuring your e-commerce store is always accessing live and accurate product data without any additional effort needed from you.

Order and Invoice management

Accounting and payment system integrations through Quoterite, shipping options and more with WooCommerce extensions.

Access Quoterite’s full power

You can add, manage and configure complex products like fabric samples with rules, charges and restrictions, including generating labels and shipping details for your samples or products.

If a window coverings retailer is not online…
does anyone care?

Online shopping in Australia increased by 12.6% in 2022, and accounted for $52.7 Billion dollars of orders.


Retain your custom branding

Quoterite’s WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are deployed on your own website, allowing you to retain control over the look and feel of your e-commerce solution.


Add and configure fabric samples with rules, charges and restrictions as you need, including generating labels and shipping details for your samples or products.

Custom integrations

Complete access to Quoterite’s integrated ecosystem for maximum growth and interoperability between systems.

Here to help

If your developers need support, or you need a web developer, we are here to help. Our team will also provide comprehensive training, support, and e-commerce store testing to ensure that you are operational and have a seamless transition within your business.

Find out how the Quoterite E-Commerce solution can accelerate your business and reduce your time and complexity by going online.