Welcome to Quoterite

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Welcome to Quoterite

Welcome to Quoterite – The evolution of Smartpad Pro into a global leader in window covering software systems.

We feel it’s the right time to align our brand with the technological leader we have become. At the same time, we’re acknowledging where we envisage our future growth … Giving birth to our new identity.


With our new brand we have an even greater focus on innovation and investment. It means you have complete cloud-based solutions delivered onsite, online and ontime to maximize sales and drive profit up. 

Our new brand signifies our position as the industry frontrunner in developing integrated and customized systems for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

As we have always done, we continue to collaborate with our customers and use our industry experience to provide the solutions you need now and for the future. When you partner with Quoterite, you have a company that partners with you.

Quoterite is driving and empowering our customers globally to regain their passion and run better businesses and lives. The result is the most revolutionary quoting, manufacturing and business management system built by the industry for the industry.

The Story of How Quoterite Evolved 

Quoterite started as a small company founded by Aaron and Renee LeCornu. They had a dream to make business and life easier for the much-maligned window covering retailer. 

Coming with 30+ years in the window covering industry, Aaron and Renee knew the struggles and pressures associated with running a business and a family.

It was impossible and they were drowning in a sea of hours spent quoting, rescheduling appointments, tracking and following up orders. There was no light at the end of a long tunnel. It was taking a huge toll on them emotionally and physically. They were paralyzed with manual, time-consuming processes and systems that didn’t work.

The only way forward was to get the right software for their business that would help to systemize, grow and automate their manual tasks. The available software options were old, clunky, hard to use and lacked the features, functions and process flows they needed.

They thought they deserved better and that there had to be a better way. Not only for themselves but the whole industry. That’s what drove Aaron and Renee to develop Quoterite, the only software built by the industry for the industry.

About Quoterite Today

Today, Quoterite is the only true cloud-based, future-proofed software for the window covering industry. Driven by a relentless focus on innovative and customized solutions, Quoterite empowers you to take control of your business and life. As well as unlocking your potential for advancement and scaling of your business in the future.

Quoterite handles the complexities of our industry with custom tools that automate and link the quoting and ordering processes. Thus, eliminating costly errors, and driving performance and sales up, while energizing your staff to excel and your business to grow. Coupled with the benefit to customers through an automated and superior experience delivered onsite, online and ontime

Just as importantly, Quoterite gives you your life back to be there as parents, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons. It allows you to restore life’s balance and feel human again without the guilt of often having to put work first. 

We are now growing globally, currently servicing clients throughout Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, UK and South Africa. Our investment in development, new technologies, product and customer support, and human resources remain second to none. 

Our team consists of 40+ staff specializing in product support, development, training and customer experience. We’ve made sure we have the expertise and best tools to sustain the growth and development of our new solutions into the future.

What is the Significance of Our New Brand?

The new brand represents who we are as a leader in the window covering industry. It aligns more accurately with what we do as a modern, innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

The change to Quoterite indicates that we are continuing to evolve as a company. We are investing in growth to become the global leader in progressive specialized software. 

Our new brand identity matches our professionalism and expertise in window covering software systems. It aligns with our drive to develop the solutions you need now and in the future. 

The conception of Quoterite centers around our core mission to provide specialized tools to automate your systems and quote right and fast. In turn maximizing sales and profits by doing business Onsite. Online. Ontime. 

Onsite – Quoterite is completely mobile with the tools your team needs to make sales on the spot. Send quotes and orders, submit measure and install reports, and accept payments all on site by following simple prompts.

Online – Our systems and business integrations provide a complete, seamless online experience; and being cloud-based you can do business from anywhere. Time-consuming manual tasks are eliminated and communications are easier, so customer approvals and orders are processed quicker. It means better business that’s easier for your team and your customers.

Ontime – Your business operations and communications are automated and tracked, providing quicker processing and faster installation. The result is an enhanced client experience, maximizing sales and conversions while driving profits up.

What Does It Mean For You and Your Business?

It means greater collaboration with you to deliver complete, integrated solutions encompassing the whole retail, ordering and manufacturing workflow. 

Whether you’re a retailer / dealer, manufacturer or wholesaler, we know your requirements are different. We are driven to provide extremely scalable, configurable and customizable systems adjustable to your business type. 

To align with our rebrand to Quoterite, we have launched our new and improved user interface and website.

With our new brand and growth, it’s only natural that we have taken your feedback and made our user interface more intuitive. 
Now we have an optimized system with the enhanced features you need, packaged in a clean and modern user interface and brand. 

We have also begun development of our e-commerce solution, and three additional industry-leading manufacturing systems to perfect a powerful end-to-end cloud-based service. These systems all connect and fully integrate with our retail business management software, making the ordering and manufacturing process simpler. All have been driven by direct customer feedback.

Our combined systems are designed to provide a 360-degree view of your business. With greater visibility of your entire operations, you have more control of your business than ever before.

We Are Changing but Our Core Values Are the Same

Our brand has changed but we are still a company that values our customers. We listen and collaborate with you and our expert team to power the new era in window covering software systems.

Be part of our evolution. Find out about the best industry centric SaaS product developed specifically for you and the window covering market.

Want to know more? Have a chat with us, or

Once we saw the difference between Quoterite and other software out there, the choice was obvious. From a customized curtain quoting tool, to the ease in which we can track staff performance, Quoterite actually understand what’s needed to run a window furnishing business and give us all the tools to make it easier.

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains and Blinds