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What Are the Smart Business System Integrations Used With Quoterite?

Quoterite is the most integrated window covering software on the market. It provides smart business system integrations with several leading applications to complement your existing systems and supercharge your operations.

There is no need to change the way you like to work because we enable you to keep in touch, stay informed and streamline your business operations with the leading business apps you already use.

Custom integrations with payment and accounting systems, Google and Outlook Calendars, and Google Maps and Gmail streamline your business operations better than any other system. Everything your team needs to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects online and on time are provided through Quoterite business integrations.

By integrating your payment gateway and accounting system, hours of manual tasks are automated, eliminating mistakes and rework. You can seamlessly create invoices and apply payments, allow staff to take payments directly through the platform, and easily run overpayment and pre-payment systems.

Our other smart integrations with Google and Outlook make it easy for your team to communicate, track their appointments synced with their calendars, and enables them to access their schedules and directions to their appointments via our Google Maps integration.

What are Quoterite’s Integration Tools?

Payment Integrations

Quoterite is built with more credit card payment integrations than any other system on the market. Integration with your payment gateway enables your sales department, install team while onsite, or even staff at the home office to process payments through the system from anywhere. 

You can automatically send receipts to clients, sync to your accounting system, and update the payment status in your Workflow Manager. You can also mark orders with created custom statuses like Account, Client, Finance, or Purchase Order. 

Accounting Integrations  

Our account integration tool keeps all invoicing and payments accurately in sync with your accounting system.

You can automate invoices and payments, run overpayment and pre-payment systems, and set up invoice mapping across multiple accounts and locations.

Our Payment and Accounting Integrations

We have the widest range of Payment and Accounting Integrations in the industry, including:

  • Afterpay
  • Braintree
  • Elavon
  • Xero
  • Clover
  • eWay 
  • Square
  • Secure Pay
  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks

Communication and Business Integrations 

Quoterite integrates with the most widely used business applications, including Google and Outlook Calendar, Gmail and Google Maps, which means you have access to all the tools you currently use to schedule, communicate and plan.

Why Integrate?

With easy integrations, your processes and systems are in sync and your business operations can flow without disruption. Integrations enable you to automate the sales and customer processes to final invoicing and payment with an easy, seamless workflow.

Read more about our business system integrations here.

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Once we saw the difference between Quoterite and other software out there, the choice was obvious. From a customized curtain quoting tool, to the ease in which we can track staff performance, Quoterite actually understand what’s needed to run a window furnishing business and give us all the tools to make it easier.

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains and Blinds