Scheduling Appointments

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Scheduling Appointments

What is the Importance of the Appointment Scheduler in Managing Your Workflows and Team?

Would improving your sales team’s efficiency by over 40% while spending less time managing and coordinating staff benefit your business? 

We’ve found that correctly scheduled and kept appointments are vital to the success of every business. With this in mind, we’ve streamlined every part of the appointment workflow for you.

Is your team plagued by missed, canceled or double-booked appointments? Or is coordinating everyone’s calendars often frustrating and hugely time consuming?

Our Scheduling Tool eliminates these hassles for you, so you can focus on more important things.

The Scheduler manages everything you need in one spot from first appointment to installation and final payment with easy access to all appointment details and client contact information.

What Does the Scheduler Tool Do?

Make viewing and planning a breeze – The drag-and-drop Scheduler comes with multiple views, filters and controls to make it easy for everyone to see their appointments. Staff easily export their schedules and daily or weekly run sheets for printing or in excel format.

View all ‘unscheduled’ measures, installs, service and warranty jobs ready for booking sent to scheduled. Also easily duplicate appointments.

Group by teams to view progress at the access level they need, while managers get a bird’s eye view of the workflow to plan effectively.

Sync with staff calendars so they can’t miss their appointments – If there’s anything worse than a client missing an appointment, it’s a member of your team missing it instead. It’s unprofessional and risks losing potential clients.

Quoterite safeguards against this by syncing appointments with staff Google or Outlook Calendars. Calendars update automatically if an appointment is rescheduled or canceled. Also automate notifications so that nothing gets missed in communication.

Don’t get lost! – The Google Maps integration makes it easy for your staff to find their way to appointments.

Control appointment information, user access and actions – In the Appointment Details form, set the fields displayed and which ones are mandatory so your staff get the client details needed up front.

Appointment cards with all of the information you need are visible on the Scheduler against the assigned sales representative on the appointment day.

Also set permissions to control who each user sees on the Scheduler and what actions you want them to take.

Customize your calendar – View your calendar the way you want, and block out times for personal appointments or days off.

Ensure clients keep their appointments – Your clients lead busy lives and might easily forget their appointment with you. Quoterite automates reminders and confirmation requests so that your clients are ready for you and your staff are making the most of their time.

You can also SMS clients directly from the appointment to send any direct communications and last-minute reminders.

Streamline the quoting process – Launch straight into a quote from the appointment card. You can start quoting as soon as you walk in the door and the quote has already been populated with the client details.

Log client information easily – Log all emails and SMS correspondence with each client and attach any supporting documents. Create contact records directly when making the appointment.

Track where the lead came from – Record the lead source for every appointment to analyze the success of marketing channels and campaigns.

Categorize appointment types and client statuses – Set custom appointment types and client statuses to tag appointments and categorize the client relating to their likelihood to purchase.

View install and measure sheets – Access install and measure sheets for each client’s appointment.

Take payments as you go – Take client payments directly through appointments using Quoterite’s payment integrations.

Scheduling Made Easy

With Quoterite’s built-in Scheduler, you are in control of staff workload and know where your staff are, and what work is in the pipeline. You are assured your customers are getting the best service and staff are being the most efficient with their time.

Read more about our Appointment Scheduling here.

To see how the Scheduler works, watch or book a demonstration today. 

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Once we saw the difference between Quoterite and other software out there, the choice was obvious. From a customized curtain quoting tool, to the ease in which we can track staff performance, Quoterite actually understand what’s needed to run a window furnishing business and give us all the tools to make it easier.

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains and Blinds