Information at Your Fingertips with Reporting and Dashboards.

Our comprehensive reporting and performance tools capture and calculate the information you need, and concisely in an easy to understand format.

Not only do we simplify store-to-store operations, our multi-store management reporting and dashboard consoles make it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of you franchisees or multiple stores.

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Reporting and performance dashboards

Powerful Reporting Suite

Having the right information on hand at any given time is something that’s long eluded managers and supervisors.

From high-level company reports to individual staff sales performance, you can finally know what’s happening in the company and across stores anywhere, at any time.

View a huge number of reports, control user access, filter and display the data you need, and export to PDF and Excel.

You can view key parameters of your business, including:

  • Gross Profit (GP) and sales per order
  • GP and sales per representative
  • GP and sales per product category
  • GP and sales per product brand
  • GP and sales per product type
  • Conversion rates
  • Work on hand and order management reports
  • GP and sales per referred by category
  • Manage sales targets and actual performance
  • View all open quotes, statuses, actions and values
  • Active order audits
  • Archived order audits
  • Payment transaction audits
  • Installs not complete
  • Installs booked and products not received
  • Products on order by brand with expected delivery dates
  • Access can be controlled by permissions as to who can see this dashboard
  • Plus much, much more

Performance Dashboards

Our Reporting and Performance Dashboards show you real time data on key performance indicators and staff / team sales performance, so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions on your business.

Our live Performance Dashboards for general users and managers allow you to see a huge amount of critical information fast according to your user permissions.

Our Company Dashboards contain detailed information on key areas of the company, including values and counts for each key segment.

  • Key daily statistics on sales, leads, conversion rates, payments and sales targets
  • Total active order details
  • Total archived order details
  • Products received not booked for installation
  • Products booked for install
  • Products due in
  • Actual sales vs sales target per person
  • Company sales budget to company target
  • Detailed sales and conversion statistics per employee
  • Sales by teams
  • Work on hand by status
  • Sales by category
  • Sales by brand
  • Plus, if you’re running multiple companies from the one account you can toggle this dashboard between each company, select groups or view a consolidated dashboard of all companies together

Our User Dashboard is designed to give each person core information on their sales and statistics:

  • Key information on sales, quotes, leads, appointments and conversion rates for the set date range
  • Sales by product category
  • Sales transaction list
  • Sales to budget
Master console for multi-store management

Teams using Quoterite found they cut out 2 in every 5 hours spent on tasks, and reduced mistakes by 90%.

*Averages from client feedback

Reporting and performance dashboards

New Overview Dashboard

The Overview Dashboard gives you a complete summary of the essential information you need on a single page. Gain a quick reference to know exactly where you’re up to, what needs to be actioned and what appointments you have. Everything is displayed in a neat, clean and easy to use format allowing you to click the data you want to see and action immediately.

Powerful Appointment and Travel Tool:

  • By default see all appointments booked for today with the ability to quickly select different date ranges
  • See all appointments displayed on a Google Map showing you the order and critical appointment information
  • View the total drive time and distance
  • View the drive time and distance between appointments

See high level overviews in core areas showing the various statuses and actions you need to take:

Task Overview Details:

  • Quantity overdue
  • Quantity due today
  • Quantity of tasks by status
  • Quantity of tasks by priority

Quote Statuses Details:

  • Quantity overdue actions
  • Quantity actions due today
  • Quantity of quotes by status
  • Quantity of quotes by action
  • Quantity of quotes by chance of sale

Leads Details:

  • Quantity leads to book
  • Quantity leads by status

General information: See general company information and updates that are sent to you from management, and software and product updates on the Quoterite homepage.

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