Quoting and Ordering Streamlined, Simplified.

Our quoting and ordering tools are designed to speed up processes, reduce errors and enhance sales results.

No more hours spent manually calculating quotes or creating options for customers. Produce quotes and present multiple options within minutes allowing you to sell on the spot, or submit quotes accurately and quickly.

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Deliver fast and professional in-home quotes

Deliver Fast and Professional

In-home Quotes

Stop wasting time manually calculating and writing out quotes.

Quoterite gives your team the tools to quote faster, capturing all of the right information including pictures and drawings, so they can instantly produce professional, branded quotes.

  • Create an unlimited amount of windows fast using our in quote tools or excel sheet import feature
  • Quote all of your different brands, products, services and options in the one quote including drapery and soft furnishings
  • Use our in-quote copy and paste tools to copy products across multiple windows and sizes instantly recalculating all information
  • Easily toggle between the different product options on a single quote to quickly create user-friendly quotes that provide clients with an easy comparison of their preferences
  • Copy entire measure sheets or duplicate quotes instantly to produce various product options fast
  • Our Batch Update tool allows you to change any product specifications or options instantly across your entire quote
  • Quote any custom products or services you need
  • Add order notes, measure and install notes, install timeframes and any client documents, files or pictures you need like floor plans

Quote Anywhere, Any time On Any Computer Or Mobile Device

We set your team up to close more sales.

Quickly create multiple options and send professional quotes instantly. Your staff don’t need to be tech savvy or even know how to use a computer – our system is so intuitive and easy to use with simple fast and effective processes.

  • Add pictures, images and create drawings for windows as needed
  • Add specific product discount, override order totals, control surcharges and deposits
  • All taxes are automatically calculated live using our integration to TaxJar
  • Allow clients to e-sign and pay for orders on the spot before you even leave their home for quick conversions
  • Customize the look and feel of your quote, including adding cover pages, warranty or terms and conditions, the product specs and pricing details
  • Set up personable email templates that automatically insert the client’s information and save time
  • Find out more about the brands, products and services we support (See more)
Quote anywhere, any time on any computer or mobile device
Increase conversions by 40%, through a better quoting process and client experience

Increase Conversions By 40%, With A Better Quoting Process And Client Experience

Any effective window covering software solution needs to be powerful enough to offer the complete functionality and processes required, yet flexible enough to adapt to each company’s individual needs.

Quoterite is designed for both.

  • Send customers multiple quotes for different options while privately tracking when they receive your emails and open your quote plan the best approach per client
  • Create automatic hidden surcharges, installation costs and freight costs that automatically apply in your quotes (See more)
  • Send quotes with Smart Quote to further enhance clients’ experience and gain more control over your conversions (See more)
  • Through your integrated accounting system, automatically create invoices when clients accept quotes and they convert to an order, and sync payments

Custom Drapery & Soft Furnishing Tools

Quoterite is the only window furnishing software that provides a comprehensive, easy to use and customizable soft furnishing tool.

Quote Drapery and Soft Furnishings Easily

Reduce Time and Improve Accuracy With Our Drapery and Soft Furnishing Tools

Our custom Drapery and Soft Furnishing tools enhance staff productivity by reducing time spent calculating quotes, while also improving quote accuracy.

  • Use our powerful tool templates to easily configure Drapery, Pelmets/Cornice boxes, Soft Romans and Ties
  • Seamlessly calculate all S fold and wave fold type headings with various carrier spacing and tape spacing
  • Calculate all fabric quantities and cuts, and produce fabric and workroom orders instantly
  • Working with designers? Use Quoterite to calculate all of the exact fabric requirements to send them an export
  • Gain access to over 3,000,000 existing fabrics, create your own range, or set up customers’ own fabrics (See more)
  • Find out more about how Quoterite handles all other soft furnishings and custom products or services you offer (See more)
Reduce Time and Improve Accuracy With Our Drapery and Soft Furnishing Tools
Quote drapery and soft furnishings your way

Quote Drapes and Soft Furnishings Your Way

Gain control over your entire setup. We even help you configure your specific customizations.

  • Customize and control all of the allowances used in calculations to ensure our tools calculate the fabric, quantities and cuts exactly the same as you do now
  • Control the information shown on your quotes, screen, workroom orders and measure and install sheets
  • Set up automatic allowances for different track types and hooks
  • With our Product Builder, control your entire setup, add new product, and change and update prices
  • Our team creates any automatic rules to apply any additional costs or types of calculations needed to ensure everything is included and accounted for

Automated Tax Calculations and Flexible Quote Options

When quoting, your sales tax rates are automatically calculated whether you want to control tax rates for each client, configure products as non taxable, or set a flat tax rate.

Flexible quote generation

  • Set predefined flat tax rates or use our Tax Automation with TaxJar
  • Easily select which products and options to be taxed or not
  • Set clients or whole quotes as non-taxable or custom rates per quote
Automated Tax Calculations and Flexible Quote Options

Quoterite enhances the entire client experience driving more referrals, higher profit and higher conversion rates

All-In-One CRM and Quote Management System

All-In-One CRM and Quote Management System

Our integrated CRM makes it easier for staff to follow up quotes and know exactly what they need to do for each one.

Managers can keep track of sales staff performance, through quote follow up actions, tasks, Reporting Dashboards and supporting reports.

  • Inbuilt quote management process shows each team member exactly what they need to do by when, and set automated follow up reminders so quotes are never overlooked
  • Create customized actions and statuses to match your business processes, using our task management system to monitor and organize things for you (See more)
  • Quotes sent by email are automatically and privately tracked to monitor when and how many times clients have opened them
  • Create detailed “Smart Searches” to easily drill down into detailed quote data
  • Quickly send any manual messages, and view quote details, including contact information, costs, documents and images, appointment logs, quote history and client and internal communications, all logged against each client quote

Make your quoting system smart and work for you, not the other way around

Automated Quote Follow-up, Communication and Marketing System

Don’t lose sales simply because you didn’t have the time to follow them up, you’ve already done the hard work.

Use our automated system for quote follow up, nurturing and remarketing to clients. Once set up, imagine getting your time back, while increasing conversions and providing an enjoyable client experience without lifting a finger.

  • Create unlimited messaging and follow up actions based on certain quote actions and statuses, pushed at selected trigger points
  • Use text and simple variables or powerful HTML
  • Track all sent communication via the client logs for each quote, i.e. if the quote was sent, delivered and opened
  • Use communication tracking with our task management system to know when to contact clients and follow up after any communication is sent
  • Send out marketing or special offers to help make more sales
  • Learn more about our automated communication system
Smart Quote, Invoicing and Payment Functions

Smart Quote, Invoicing and Payment Functions

The ultimate sales and customer service tool to maximize conversions, streamline processes, and ensure your customers have the best experience.

Smart Quote allows clients to view their quote, accept it, digitally sign for it, and make payments all from the comfort of their own home. Smart Invoices and payment links allow you to send live invoices and embed “Add Payment” buttons in any automated and manual client communication, enabling the client to simply click and pay.

  • Know exactly when clients open your quotes, invoices or make payments with real time notifications
  • Create customized email templates, notifications and branded messaging when the client opens the link to view their Smart Quote, invoice or to make payment
  • Get real time notifications when your client opens the quote, how many times they open it, when they accept it and make payments
  • Use the Smart Invoice and Smart Payment link features, with the automated quote/order follow ups and appointment reminders/confirmations to automatically ask and take payment from customers

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