Manage & Sell Your Products Directly to Quoterite Retailers with our Manufacturer Integrations.

Whether you’re a large manufacturer, or a retailer with custom products, we can add and maintain them to include with your branded Quoterite account for FREE.

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Your Store, Your Way

Select and manage your own custom products or choose from trusted leading brands all maintained for FREE

Advanced Product Control

Advanced Product Control

Our state-of-the-art Product Configurator includes more functions, features and flexibility than any other system.

You’ll also get easy access to thousands of validated products from top brands while having the power to manage and maintain your own private label products as well – all for free. Our team will help set up your product catalog when onboarding, and keep it up-to-date while you control markups, margins and more.

Our advanced Product Configurator gives you complete control so you can easily manage product options, configurations, pricing, default options, mandatory fields, validations, and more.

The Power of Advanced Product Management

When onboarding, simply let our team know and we can set up the brands you prefer, and make sure you have the knowledge and access needed to get your products set up the way you like.

Create an unlimited amount of products and services of any kind, ie furniture, lighting or service work.

If you have a network of dealers, it’s easy to control who accesses and manages your custom brands.

Even create your own line of in-house products for window furnishings, or whatever you like.


Access Products from Top Brands


Instantly send orders with a single click. No need to re-enter it elsewhere.
Over 3 million fabrics and 25,000 products in our system to choose and order.

The only software with complete integrated access to these leading window fashion brands and more.

Our Product Builder and Management system has more functions, features and flexibility than any other system in the world.

Control Margins & Expenses

Configure Pricing Rules Your Way

Advanced Pricing Control

Advanced Pricing Control

Customize Deductions, Additions, Create Custom Formulas, and more.

Quoterite allows you to create customized rules and deductions based on product selections or size validations that can automatically trigger deductions, additions, or custom formulas.

Retailers can create customized product and component labels, and picking sheets with specific information and sizes for each product and component needing to be manufactured.

• Create customized labels, controlling the size, product details and deductions

• Create customized rules for specific sizes and deductions to be made and shown

• Use product labels with QR codes to scan products directly into Quoterite

• We give you complete control over your product ranges

Customizable Soft Furnishing Tool

Quoterite is the only software option that provides a complete, easy-to-use and fully customizable soft furnishing tool.

Start by sending all jobs ready to be ordered to our one-click system, this system then consolidates orders by manufacturer and category showing you the cost value and quantity of each one.

When you’re ready, you can simply send a single email to each manufacturer with all orders in pdf or Excel format packed into zip files.

Alternatively, if your manufacturer is integrated with Quoterite via our API integration, then simply Click To Order online, and thats it!

Quoterite then sends all orders and automatically marks them as sent starting the tracking process.

Custom Soft Furnishing Tool

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Manufacturer Solutions

A customized solution with the functionality, structure, and setup you need, implemented by industry experts.

We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader in delivering the features and functions you need.

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