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Our smart and secure cloud-based data management service is designed to travel with you wherever you go.

Forget having to download software updates, or not being able to access your work while out on appointments, Quoterite’s future-proof design gives you the freedom to get the job done without the inconvenience.

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Future Development

General System Improvement and Development

Our team of developers are constantly working on improvements and additional useful features from your feedback and for the betterment of the system as a whole, alongside our development pipeline projects. We use Scrum Project Management techniques to ensure that the most important and valuable developments are completed first.

Since the beginning we have been focused on constantly improving our software to become the global leader in window covering systems. The most important part of this is getting your feedback to help influence its future design and direction.

We are committed and passionate to make the best industry centric Software as a Service (SaaS) product developed specifically for you and the window furnishings market.

You can also request features via email, which are reviewed by our Development Team. Updates can be found under the Software Updates tab on the system home page.

Development Pipeline

Quoterite is continuously improving to ensure that you have the most cutting-edge software needed to increase efficiency and make more sales. These are some highlights from our development pipeline:

New FeatureDescriptionEstimated Rollout Date
Online API Access for Manufacturer IntegrationIntegration of orders in Quoterite directly with manufacturers’ ordering systems. Enables manufacturers to accept orders from our within Quoterite that automatically process into their system. This also allows manufacturers to automatically update the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of their products for orders inside Quoterite.COMPLETED
February 2020
New Product BuilderEnables you to have greater control over their products and product settings by:
• Customizing mandatory fields and default selections
• Reviewing prices and setting up/changing the view type for quote, order and measure and install sections.
November 2020
Automated Task Management System (Add-on module)Enables a pre-defined group of tasks to by set up and assigned to individuals or teams after a quote or order is generated. Once assigned, tasks are automatically tracked based on the nominated timeframe. Task notifications are tracked on each assigned user’s dashboard reminding them of due dates to ensure nothing is missed.COMPLETED December 2020
Smart Quote
(Add-on module)
Enables you to send customers a live link instead of a PDF quote. The interactive link allows the customer to:
• send questions or queries
• choose the products and options they want to build their own quote
• accept and digitally sign their quote
• pay their deposit online through our payment gateway integrations
COMPLETED January 2021
CRM Marketing ModuleEnables the set up of marketing email and SMS campaigns to customized segments based on customer order and quote history. For example, create a campaign for any customer that has or has had shutters on their quote or order for a shutter promotion.March 2022
Flooring ModuleA world-first feature to enable you to sell flooring and window furnishings from the one system. Includes inventory level management, offcuts and wastage calculations.July 2022
Smart MapShows which consultants are more suitable allocated to a lead/appointment/installation based on postcode.July 2022
Offline AppEnables Quoterite to be used offline in areas where reception or internet access is unstable or inaccessible.December 2022

User Interface Upgrades

User Interface Upgrade 1 – December 2018

We updated the entire platform to modernize it with the latest coding language, technology and architecture. Our team spent over 20,000 hours updating and enhancing our software. This change enabled us to integrate with systems currently on the market, along with continuing our product development of new features, and future-proofing our software.

Some highlights of our completed development projects include:
  • Introduction of SMS messaging to customers.
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways (Square, EWay, SecurePay, Stripe).
  • Integration with Google Calendar for appointment synchronization from Quoterite Scheduler (this required achieving certification from Google).
  • Revision of the Dashboard home page based on client feedback on useability. 
  • Revision to groupings for Account Settings to simplify categories and improve useability.
  • Addition of “mini-help question marks” throughout the program on key pages and functions to assist users understand them.
  • Deeper integration with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks to allow customized mapping of invoice creation within the accounting system based on customizable tags that can be assigned to quotes (this required recertification with all three companies). 
  • New customization options on Quotes, Invoices and Reporting for greater control of the format, status and value of outstanding quotes.
  • Addition of Tasks and Actions to the Dashboard to allow users to track and control outstanding leads and quotes more easily.
  • Addition of the dynamic Total Square Meter calculation.
  • Auto save created on Product Settings to remove issues caused by clients forgetting to save after amending pricing, markups or margins.
  • One Click Ordering and online API access for manufacturer/supplier integration.
Quoterite drapery and soft furnishing tools

Smart, Secure Cloud-based Data Management

Utilizing advanced technology, our clients benefit with complete Quoterite access from any device on on any screen, anywhere in the world with internet access.

Together with our user-friendly interface, you can rely on our smart and secure software platform.

Quoterite is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with data protected by RDS backups, and a separate backup kept on our dedicated Quoterite local server.

Our comprehensive RDS backups are taken hourly for 48 hours, daily for 3 weeks and weekly for 3 months. Our code base is backed up automatically with each new deployment of updates.

Quote From Any Device, Anywhere In The World With Internet Access

Quoterite eliminates latency and keeps our services local to each user by operating on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk system, so our services are hosted locally near you. Quoterite is served locally in Sydney, Australia; Singapore; UK, and California.

AWS provides load balancing, secure data and an EC2 service agreement level of 99.95% uptime reliability.

Current code languages used: Docker, Laravel 5.8, Vue JS, JQuery, Gitlab CI/CD, HTML, Redis Cache, PHP 7.3, CSS(SCSS), MYSQL Database.

Quoterite works on any device, or any screen size.

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