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Supported and maintained FREE by our dedicated Product Support Team with over 20 years of window covering experience.

Quoterite supports the largest database of manufacturers and fabric suppliers globally.

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Our Supported Brands

Quoterite’s Unlimited Flexibility and Growth

Partner with Quoterite, the company that partners with you, providing the largest database of manufacturers and fabric suppliers globally.

Our expert Product Support Team constantly updates and maintains our existing supported brands, while also doing the heavy lifting by building our client’s private label products, fabrics, and services.

There are no limits or restrictions to the number of brands you access or private label products and services you create.

Quoterite unlocks your potential and powers your future.

Manufacturers Currently Supported

The list of manufacturers we support and maintain is constantly growing as more and more clients join us.

If you don’t see your manufacturer listed below, our expert team can build it in for you, for FREE.

Supported Manufacturers

Quoterite US Supported Manufacturers (September 2022)

  • Adjust A View
  • Advanced Window Fashions
  • Alendel Drapery Hardware
  • Allgood
  • Alpine
  • Alta Window Fashions
  • Altex
  • Alumacore Plantation Shutters
  • American Arches
  • Ameritex Shutters
  • AMS
  • Andersons
  • Antique Drapery Rod
  • Anytime Blinds
  • Aria Metal Hardware
  • Bandalux
  • BCI
  • BDD INC.
  • Beds and Blinds
  • Bel-Aire Awnings and Screens by FutureGuard
  • Blind and Shutter Spot
  • Blind Designs
  • Blind Factory
  • Blinds Couture
  • Blindspace
  • Brimar Drapery hardware
  • Brooklyn Shades Retail
  • BTX Intelligent Fashion
  • Caco Window Fashions
  • Carole
  • Castellanos Drapery Hardware
  • Classic Shutters
  • Comfortex
  • Commerce Window Fashions
  • Conrad Shades
  • Corradi
  • Crown Hardware
  • Crown Shade Company
  • Current Luxury
  • Delta’s Drapery
  • Design Elements
  • Designer Draperies
  • Direct Blinds
  • Dixie Textile & Supply Co.
  • Domenicks Blinds
  • Down Inc.
  • Draper
  • Durasol
  • Eastmann and Llumar
  • Eclipse
  • EHC
  • Elcielo
  • Elegant Shutters
  • Elite Decor
  • Elite Window Designs
  • Elwin
  • Envy
  • Essex Distribution
  • Exus Custom Shutters
  • Fabricut
  • SBD Service
  • SBD Wallpaper
  • ScreenFab
  • Select Drapery Hardware
  • Shades by Matiss
  • Shutter Expo
  • Shutter Pro
  • Shutters and Millwork
  • Sixth Avenue Shutters
  • Skandia
  • Somfy
  • Southwest Window Fashions
  • Stevenson Vestal
  • Stitch Studio
  • Stout Brothers Hardware
  • Sunair
  • Suncraft
  • Sundance Decor
  • Sunland Shutters
  • SWF Contract
  • Tableaux
  • Texton
  • The Bradley Collection
  • The Finial Company
  • The Rowley Cut N Go
  • The Shade Gallery
  • The Shade Warehouse
  • Tiger Window Fashions
  • Timber Blind Metro Shade
  • Titan Screens
  • TMS Menagerie
  • Top Shades
  • Top Treatment
  • Trax Drapery Hardware
  • Trend Decorative Hardware
  • Tri-Tex Window Coverings
  • Tucson
  • TWO The Window Outfitters
  • Unique Fine Fabrics Drapery Hardware
  • Unique Wholesale
  • United Supply Company
  • Universal Screens
  • Universal Window Coverings
  • US Custom Shades
  • Van Wyck Drapery Tracks
  • Vesta Drapery Hardware
  • Virginia Quilting
  • Vista
  • Walden
  • Whit Interiors
  • Willow Drapery
  • Window Covering Distributors
  • Worldwide Window Fashions
  • Xentric Drapery Hardware
  • Fabritec
  • Finestra
  • Flair 21
  • Forest
  • G&V Window Fashions
  • Golden Shades
  • Graber
  • Grand Design Shades
  • Greensun
  • Hartmann and Forbes
  • Harvard Shade Co.
  • Helser Brothers
  • High Country
  • HighLite Inc.
  • Horizons
  • Houles
  • Houston Window Fashions
  • HT Window Fashions
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Insolroll
  • Island Cornice Co.
  • ITA Window Fashions
  • J.L Anthony Custom Drapery Hardware
  • J.O European Designs
  • J’s Blinds
  • JAB Hardware
  • JF Fabrics Drapery Hardware
  • K Scope
  • Kirsch
  • Kristine Window Treatments
  • Lafayette Interior Fashions
  • Le Fer Forge
  • Levolor
  • Lotus and Windowware
  • Markilux
  • MHEC
  • Mid South Window Fashions
  • Mirasol
  • Norman Window Fashions
  • O’Hair Shutters
  • Oceanview Window Coverings
  • Ona
  • One World Shutters
  • Orion Hardware
  • Oxford House
  • Paris Texas Hardware
  • Picasso Shutters
  • Plantation Shutter Florida
  • Polar Shades
  • Presidio Classics
  • Priscillas Drapery Hardware
  • Pristine
  • Pro Design
  • Progressive Screens
  • Protex
  • Rainer
  • Renson by Corwn
  • Rivington Luxe
  • RM Coco
  • Sarkis Studio

Quoterite Supported Manufacturers Canada (September 2022)

  • Brite Blinds
  • Graber
  • Hartmann and Forbes
  • Hunter Douglas
  • JAB
  • Jackson Drapery
  • K Scope
  • Kirsch
  • Regal Shutters
  • Shade O Matic
  • Textile Trimmings
  • Trax Drapery Hardware
  • Unique Fine Fabrics Drapery Hardware
  • Windows and Company

Fabric Suppliers Currently Supported

If you don’t see your fabric supplier listed below, our expert team can build it in for you, for FREE.

Supported Fabric Suppliers

Quoterite US Supported Fabric Suppliers (September 2022)

  • Alendel Fabrics
  • Anderson Linings
  • Angels Fabric
  • Aquaclean
  • Avante Garde
  • Barrow Industries
  • Belle Maison
  • Brimar Trimmings
  • Brunschwig
  • Carleton House of Dogwood
  • Carole Fabrics
  • Catania Fabrics
  • Charlotte
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Colefax and Fowler
  • Comersan Fabrics
  • Concertex
  • Cowtan and Tout
  • Designers Guild
  • Donghia
  • Europatex
  • Fabric
  • Fabricut
  • Flair 21 Fabrics USA
  • Gianti
  • Hanes Fabrics
  • Holly Hunt – Great Outdoors
  • Holly Hunt – Great Plains
  • Home Vogue
  • Interior Fabrics
  • JAB Fabrics
  • Jane Churchill
  • Janets Creations
  • JF Fabrics
  • John Derian
  • Kasmir Winter
  • Kay & L
  • Kravet
  • Lady Ann Fabrics
  • Lafayette Fabrics
  • Larsen
  • Lee Jofa
  • Legrande
  • Libas Limited
  • Lorca
  • Magitex Decor
  • Maharam Fabrics
  • Manuel Canovas
  • Matthew Williamson
  • Maxwell Fabrics
  • Mitchell Fabrics
  • Nina Campbell
  • Nobilis
  • Norbar
  • Novel
  • Osborne and Little
  • Perennials
  • Pindler
  • PK Lifestyle
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Ramtex
  • RM Coco Fabric
  • Robert Allen
  • Rothman Fabrics
  • Royal Collection
  • S & S Fabrics
  • S. Harris Fabrics
  • S&S Fabrics
  • Saletex
  • Softline Fabrics
  • Stoheim Fabrics
  • Stout Brothers
  • Sunbrella
  • Suncraft
  • Trend
  • Trimland
  • Unique Fine Fabrics
  • Vervain
  • William Yeoward

Quoterite Supported Fabric Suppliers – Canada (September 2022)

  • Alendel
  • Carlucci
  • Chivasso
  • JAB Anstoetz Fabrics
  • JAB Fabrics
  • JF Fabrics
  • Kravet
  • Maxwell Fabrics
  • RM Coco
  • Saletex
  • Soleil Bleu
  • Stout
  • Stroheim
  • Unique Fine Fabrics

Supported Manufacturers and Fabric Suppliers FAQs

Quoterite is more than just quoting software. We maintain a database of hundreds of manufacturers, over 100,000 products, 350,000 rules/validations, plus over 3,000,000 fabrics globally.

It’s impossible for us or any software provider to guarantee they’re 100% accurate all the time, in general, we find we’re 95%+ accurate.

Why can’t we be 100% accurate all the time:

We want to make sure expectations are aligned properly. Accounting for human error, misleading, incomplete or messy pricing and product updates from manufacturers is impossible.

Learn more about the full power of Quoterite Retail Solutions or see our terms and conditions.
As you start entering quotes into Quoterite, should you see any variations in prices between Quoterite and your manufacturers, our team will help you monitor, report and tweak your “Cost Padding” to account for these small variations.

After the first few months, clients generally find that 99% of the pricing variables are accounted for and covered with the cost padding.
We don’t receive updates directly from manufacturers or suppliers.

Our clients send us their product or price updates they receive from manufacturers and suppliers. Our Product Team then makes the updates in Quoterite.
Generally updates or new ranges are done in a few weeks, but this greatly depends on the size, complexity and how many updates the team are working on at various times of the year. Occasionally, updates can take up to 45 days.
No, there are no extra costs, just contact our Product Team and let them know.

Generally once we activate the brand, you can commence setting up your discounts, markups and/or margins.

If it’s a new range we don’t currently support, just send us the product pricing and specifications and our team will arrange to get it built in for you – FREE.

Does Quoterite support products I manufacture, my own fabrics, or other products and services we sell?

Absolutely! It’s all part of the Quoterite difference, with no limitations, restrictions, or additional costs.

Our expert team does the heavy lifting for you, taking care of the entire setup and long-term updates of any window coverings completely FREE.

PLUS [icon name=”plus” prefix=”fas”]

We provide full training and support allowing you to build, control, or configure your own products, services and brands, giving you complete flexibility and control.

My Private Products and Services FAQs

No, anything from window coverings, window film, lighting, furniture or upholstery, it’s up to you.
No, we restrict these ranges to only be available to you or any other account you want if you supply products and services to other retailers.
Yes, you can price and sell any miscellaneous product on the go in any quote, so you won’t be caught out.
No, there is no limit, and no cost at all.

The Power of Quoterite’s Proprietary Product Builder

Using the latest technology and architecture, Quoterite boasts the most advanced and configurable product builder available. Our decision tree and constraint-based configuration streamlines and simplify the quoting process, increasing sales and conversions.

More About The Power of Quoterite’s Product Builder

When quoting products and selecting options, most software will display all of the different questions upfront making the screen busy, cluttered and confusing. On top of this, other software only warns you of incorrect selections as you try to save the selections, making you go back and forth constantly.

For example, in other software if I chose a roller blind with a clutch control, I would still see a question to choose from the motor selection, when it’s not relevant, or needed.

Quoterite’s decision tree and constraint based configuration only shows the correct options on screen that are relevant to the previous selections. This ensures you are only ever seeing relevant options and selections on screen as you go through the selection process.

Selections and options will hide or show depending on what you choose taking away the clutter and confusion, speeding up the process and enhancing your client experience.
No, we have never met a product we can’t configure.
Yes, Quoterite has specialised tools that handle the pricing, variables and configurations that calculate making costs and fabric quantities for drapery, soft romans and ties ready to go.

For pillows, bedding or other accessories, we can build in the pricing structures and options as a general set up to give you the pricing, you would then add in the fabric quantity manually.

For more highly configured setups with custom calculations, formulas and variables that automatically calculate fabric or trim quantities, we offer specialised setups. Extra costs will apply POA.
Quoterite pricing structures

Plus many more specialized configurable pricing options are available, including custom formulas, rules, rounding, and tiered pricing levels which our team can assist you with.
The rule and validation engine allows us to configure products and their selections to ensure they are always within specification, with the correct options and parts included – taking the guesswork away.

At the same time, this simplifies the quoting process ensuring that only the correct, relevant and in specification options are displayed to the user.

Manufacturers we work with using this functionality – say they save on average the equivalent of 2 full-time admin positions, and significantly enhance their dealers’ experience, making them the manufacturer of choice.
This system gives you the ability to set ‘If’ conditions with unlimited ‘And’ or ‘Or’ variables based on product option selections, sizes, mount types or conditional amount statements/formulas for any product, or option within it.

Once the conditional variables are configured for a rule, you can set ‘Then Actions’ on what the system should do if the conditions or selection criteria is met, with as many actions as needed per rule.

Examples of the ‘Then Actions’ are:

• Show message to user
Show message to client
Show or hide option selections
Mark as mandatory field
Increase size
Decrease size
Increase price
Decrease price
Round up or round down on square foot or square metre
Product min and max sizes
Window min and max sizes
Auto select option
Default select option

See below an example of a rule with multiple ‘If’ conditions and ‘Then Actions’.

Quoterite Vertilux battery motor 90
Yes, absolutely!!

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