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Our add-on module, Smart Quote, is designed to deliver the ultimate all-in-one sales experience. Maximize conversions, streamline sales and order processes, gain key metrics, and create seamless customer experience.

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Smart Quote Your Ultimate Sales and Customer Service Tool

Smart Quote allows clients to view their quote, accept it, digitally sign and make payments all from the comfort of their own home, smart phone or internet connected device.

Smart invoices and payment links allow you to send live invoices and embed “Add Payment” buttons so the client can simply click and pay immediately.

Couple this with our accounting and payment system integrations and your entire process from quoting and payments to your accounting system is fully automated.

Plus, you also receive real time notifications when your client opens the quote, know how many times they open it, when they accept it and when payments are made.

  • Know exactly when quotes are opened and accepted
  • Clients can sign, accept and make payments from home
  • Create customized client messaging and notifications

What is Smart Quote?

An interactive quoting and sales tool that does five things:

  • Controls the Sales Process – Create an interactive shopping experience with multiple options and product selections
  • Creates A Seamless Client Connection – Keep you and customers connected through a live chat function, messaging and more
  • Provides Immediate Sales Indicators – Reveals your customer’s decision-making process by tracking views and opens
  • Collects Key Performance Metrics – Informs your long-term sales strategy by collecting customer behaviour metrics
  • Connects To Your Apps – Makes the sales process seamless with signing, invoicing and payment functions
US payment integrations

Smart Quote not only reduces errors and streamlines the sales process, it also adds to a more enjoyable experience for your customers. Sales staff can prepare and deliver quotes right on the spot while any customer changes can be automatically updated and priced-in allowing for immediate payment.

Advanced Quote Management System

Our quote management system is a fast, simple way to manage one to hundreds of quotes. Now your sales staff can know the exact status of a quote, next action, and chance of sale. While managers can verify how team members are performing, use smart filters to segment quotes for easy follow up and even track client responses.

Quoterite instantly improves conversion rates allowing your business to grow immediately.

  • Verify that clients have opened their emailed quotes, and how often they clicked
  • Save notes with each quote to follow up tracking, set different statuses and report on each
  • Send follow up emails with 2 clicks and attach supporting documents if required, while emails are automatically saved and logged
  • Archive or delete old quotes no longer needing to be viewed
  • Use smart searches to break down quotes into various types of follow ups and actions to easily manage and monitor large volumes of quotes

Streamline Operations With A Fast, Accurate and Responsive Quote Process

Quoting for window covering retailers is often a time consuming process that involves tedious manual calculations, factoring complex pricing structures and coordinating amongst different suppliers, manufacturers and workrooms.

Unfortunately, any mistakes made along the way can result in costly fixes, slower processes and unhappy customers.

We know because we’ve been there ourselves. 

Getting left behind using manual systems or outdated technology?

Quoterite is the most comprehensive quoting system packed with more tools and features than any other software.

About Quoterite

Quote Features

• A unique, customized Soft Furnishing & Drapery Calculator – Once configured to your specifications, our one-of-a-kind calculator automatically calculates quantities, fabric and workroom orders for you. Unlike other software options, we work with your suppliers, manufacturers and workrooms to build your personalized system.

• Create quotes in minutes – Our measure once feature allows you to simply copy from a single product to a group of products while the system automatically recalculates the price for you

• Complete product integration – All brands and products are fully integrated into your quote configuration so customers can quickly select which brands they want quoted by using the drop-down brand supplier/product tool.

• Automatically calculate prices – Prices for products being added, removed or changed are automatically updated in real time as they are selected so nothing is overlooked or missed when updating your quote

• All validations, rules and allowances are automatically calculated – Control of pricing and product selections is built-in and maintained by our team doing away with those time consuming, inaccurate quotes forever

• Send quotes your way – Customer quotes can be printed, sent via email or SMS to complete online

• Smart Quote – Our Smart Quote add-on module fully automates the quote, approval and payment process making it simple and fast for clients

• From quote to order – Once approved and the downpayment made, orders are automatically moved into Workflow Manager and emailed to the supplier or manufacturer

• Follow-up and follow-through every order – Our tracking feature flags delays so you won’t miss out on made to order or manufacturer delays

• Focus on what’s important – Our easy color coding and navigation allows you to easily identify what needs attention right away

• Thousands of built-in products to choose from – Quickly quote thousands validated products from leading brands already in our system. If your desired products aren’t already available, our team will add it in for you at no charge

• Don’t miss anything – You can flag quotes for follow up, add notes and more to track the order to completion so nothing slips through the system

Integrations include:

US payment integrations

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