Built-in Leads Management System.

Our leads management process is designed to ensure your sales team delivers impressive results with an easy to use system that tracks, nurtures and helps to streamline the closing process.

Create customized notifications that show your staff what to follow up with and when, view real-time reporting and more. Quoterite gives you the ultimate control over the closing process.

Capture leads, analyze customer information to determine how likely they are to buy, track all staff lead conversions and more.

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Leads Management

Managing leads can be extremely tricky when they’re coming from all over the place via phone, website, social media and in person.

Quoterite takes the hard work out by allowing you to add leads fast, and manage and assign them across your team simply from any screen and the one place. Plus, strong reporting lets you know exactly who has got what, and if they are doing the right things to convert that lead.

  • Create leads from anywhere in the system via quick actions or directly on the Scheduler
  • Assign customized statuses and types for easy classification
  • Add the referred by, products of interest, how many windows or products, and any other notes or files you like
  • Assign tasks to leads for follow ups and actions (See more about tasks)
  • View any change logs for any actions or changes from users
  • If the lead comes from a web form, see exactly what company and web form it’s from
  • Apply strong filtering and search functions to easily find the leads you want
  • Export your leads with ease
  • Customize the exact information you want completed when leads are created including any mandatory information
  • Use our automated client communication to automate the lead follow up and nurturing process (See more)

Leads Management – Continued

Reporting for leads:

Get a full overview on all leads you have allocated to know what’s outstanding and not converted to a quote or appointment, including:

  • The date of the oldest one
  • Leads vs sales
  • Conversion rates
  • Plus more (See reporting for more info)

Web Form Integrations

Web forms are the perfect way to get any Contact Us or enquiry information directly from your websites into Quoterite without any manual entry.

On top of this, web forms on your website are a great way for your clients to log and service requests or warranty work, which automatically get loaded into Quoterite and notifies your team.

  • Create as many web forms as needed for as many pages as you want
  • Create different forms for various companies and brands if you’re running multiple in the one account
  • Completely customize the fields and order you want to show them with a huge amount of options
  • Set what fields are mandatory for the client to complete.
  • Allow the client to upload and add files
  • Customize the form title, availability on various websites for security
  • Allow pop up notifications inside Quoterite when forms are submitted and choose the users you want assigned to these
  • Add “Captcha” to stop any spam submissions
  • On submission of a form, set up customized emails that are sent to the client as confirmation of the submission
  • Set up custom email notifications for your team to advise on a new form submission, including the details completed in the form
  • Set custom on screen “Thank you” messages to show after the form is submitted
  • Once set up, simply embed the HTML to insert the iframe onto your website

Web Form Integrations – continued

For a more custom solution using our web forms:

  • Add redirect URLs
  • Allow top append data in the redirect URL
  • Apply custom CSS to control the exact look and feel of the form to completely match your existing website
  • Add custom header scripts, body scripts and on submit scripts
  • Once set up simply embed the HTML to insert the iframe onto your website

Want to allow leads to flow in from other sources like facebook?

  • Use our private Zapier integration to allow this from any social media platform

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