Configure and Control Your System to Suit.

From personnel access and reporting to product and pricing management, we provide several options for retailers to quickly build out their own user-friendly, custom software experience.

We’ll help show you how to configure and control Quoterite to suit your everyday business needs.

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Quoterite configure and control your system to suit

Configure and Control Your System To Suit Your Business

No two companies are the same – No matter how many features are built into a system, if they aren’t easily customizable to suit your business, it just won’t work the way you need it to. Quoterite provides the flexibility to control and customize quotes, message templates and rule-based surcharges, among many other things.

  • Configure multiple companies, brands and locations all from the one account
  • Control the look, feel and branding of your quotes, orders, receipts and invoices, email and communication templates plus automated client communication
  • For the US, set your own tax rates  or use our Automated tax calculation system powered by Tax Jar to do it for you based on the clients location
  • Configure auto price rounding and product pricing display with or without tax
  • Set up company, team or individual sales targets to track your performance
  • Control your Scheduler appointment availability time ranges, and automated client confirmations and reminder messages at customizable trigger points
  • Set appointment statuses and types along with notifications for new and changed appointments
  • Set various lead sources and statuses to track and monitor the progress of each lead
  • Control what fields or selections you want to make mandatory or show on screen throughout the system plus the available selections
  • Configure your quote, quote management statuses and reminders, quote tags, fault and re-work types plus so much more
  • Control your Workflow Manager general statuses, tags, measure, install and payment statuses
  • Control measure and install statuses per product, report notifications and sign off binding text
  • Activate and manage all accounting and payment integrations
  • Our team also assists you to import your current contact database

Manage Employee Roles & Permissions

Configure each user’s settings and permissions around their role and requirements, while restricting and locking down functions as you need.

Easily manage your employee configurations

  • Configure and control exactly what screens and functions your users can see and edit
  • Control employees’ discount permissions and set their maximum levels
  • Control employee email signatures, email addresses, and BCC and CC settings
  • Set up automatic notifications to specific employees from various functions within the system
  • Set up team and multi-company configurations
  • Set up separate teams on the system to make it easy to filter your Scheduler, reports and other areas
  • Add a sales budget for your sales team and track company sales performance at both team and individual levels, while allowing employees to see their individual sales performance
  • If you’re running multiple companies within the one account, set up profiles for each staff member that automatically have the correct logo and branding for their respective company
Configure and Control employee roles and permissions
Configure and control product and pricing management

Product & Pricing Management

Quoterite provides the most comprehensive and powerful pricing management system. Allowing you to make changes that instantly apply across your entire organization.

Easily control the products you sell, discounts applied, markups/margins etc. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Use general pricing and product management to:

  • Control the exact products and brands you want to be available to quote, by simply turning them on or off
  • Set markups or margins per product
  • Control your % discount or cost multipliers per product
  • Set the average Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) per product
  • Mark products as taxable or non taxable
  • Set simple quoting discount restrictions to allow discount, stop any discount or restrict to the base price only
  • Fast “Batch Update” functionality for large pricing updates per category of products, or over the entire brand
  • Track any and all updates you apply with our “Change Logs” for each product

Advanced Price and Product Configuration Options

Easily manage these advanced configurations

  • Apply specific split markup / margin or discounts / cost multipliers for your base price and options separately, or drill down to any options within each product like a specific motor, for exacting control
  • If your manufacturer uses recommended retail prices choose between applying this, adding extra markup on top or applying the markup / margins you want
  • Configure the allowable % discount various teams can give per product when quoting clients
  • Control mandatory fields per product, what details display on your clients quote and order
  • Set default product selections for the most commonly used options
  • Build various tiered pricing levels for different types of client groups like commercial, designer or wholesale clients
Advanced Price and Product Configuration Options

Does Quoterite support products I manufacture, my own fabrics, or other products and services we sell?

Absolutely! It’s all part of the Quoterite difference, with no limitations, restrictions or additional costs.

Freight and Installation Charges

Freight and Installation Charges

Incorrectly charging clients for freight and installation is a huge contributor to lost margin for many companies. Either staff forget to add it, or they simply don’t have the information or system with the information on hand.

Quoterite fully automates these charges so you can’t forget to add them. You also have the ability to add in extras as you need.

  • Create as many various charges as you need across your entire range of products
  • Once set, apply the automated charges to specific brands, categories of products or specific products, with the ability to choose multiple categories and products per charge
  • Choose how these charges display on screen and on your quote to the client, either including them in the product or showing in the total price separately
  • Set up your pricing to make sure everything is covered, e.g. if a product goes over a certain width or height apply extra charges by setting up a price grid
  • Examples of the types of pricing configurations available are listed below:


  • Flat rate per product
  • Percent add
  • Width based chart
  • Height based chart
  • Grid based chart
  • Per metre wide or high
  • Per square metre


  • Flat rate per product
  • Percent add
  • Width based chart
  • Height based chart
  • Grid based chart
  • Per foot
  • Per inch
  • Per square foot
  • Per square inch

Freight and Installation Charges – continued

  • Apply additional discounts if required plus add any markups or margins to the pricing set up
  • Set which staff is permitted to discount markups and margins
  • In each quote, turn markups and margins on, off or modify if you need, and add other once off miscellaneous charges as required
  • Automatically create purchase orders on the Workflow Manager for easy tracking
  • Running multiple companies in the one account or need to set up various pricing tiers for your freight and installation charges? Quoterite can handle this too
  • Our expert Product team also builds out a custom installation, freight or general service charge product, adding in all extras you may want to charge in a quote. You also get complete control to change and configure these charges as you need right from your account
Quoterite freight and installation charges
Document and Picture Library

Document and Picture Library

Ever get caught not having the product information, specification sheets, pictures or other information you need when onsite or out of the office?

Quoterite’s document and picture library is the best way to ensure you and your team have everything you need on hand all the time.

  • Create unlimited categories to add your files and pictures to so you’re always organized
  • No data limit or restrictions
  • Simply drag and drop or select the file you need added
  • Open, download or share whenever you need
  • Add anything to any quote or email you send to clients like pictures of the products you’ve quoted on

General Surcharges, Promotional Discounts and Cost Padding

Add general surcharges to specific products and quotes, set up promotional discounts and configure your cost padding to make sure you’re accounting for your costs correctly while protecting your markup and margins.

For example, if you need to set a minimum charge on any new quote created that can be removed later via discount, this is exactly where you would set that up.

All of these functions are set and controlled from the one location for easy access.

  • Name and categorize each one
  • Decide to always apply to all new quotes or give your staff the ability to apply or not
  • Set to force apply to old quotes when re opened if needed
  • Set as discountable or not
  • Set up as a flat price or percent value in either positive, negative or cost based depending on the type being configured
  • Apply per product or to the quote total
  • Charges per product can then be set to apply if a specific brand, product category or product is used
  • Plus if your running multiple companies from the one account you can also configure charges to apply to specific companies or all at once depending on the control you need
General Surcharges, Promotional Discounts and Cost Padding
Configure and control product and pricing management

Task Management Configuration

Our task management system enables you to see and manage everything from one page. Plus assign tasks and actions against any appointment, quote or order to anyone.

Stop using sticky notes or emails that get lost and keep your team and business on track.

  • Create tasks from anywhere using the Quick Actions
  • Configure task tags, priorities and statuses
  • Create task templates for any repetitive tasks to activate quickly
  • Each task created allows you to add documents, create unlimited sub tasks, add comments and view the logs for any and all changes made to that task for complete visibility
  • Customize your Task screen adjusting the columns of information showing
  • Quickly go between your tasks, tasks created by you, all tasks, and archived tasks
  • Apply filtering across the tasks to quickly see the exact ones that need to be actioned
  • Quote Status Actions automatically create tasks from the Quote screen for quote follow ups
  • Set tasks to have reminders bringing them to the top of the task list and highlighted so you don’t forget

Automated Client Communication & Marketing

Constantly not following up your quotes on time and missing sales, which is negatively impacting your client experience?

Staff wasting time answering phone calls all day and getting frustrated not knowing where orders are up to or who’s done what?

Re-marketing to clients is just not happening?

Let Quoterite do the hard work for you with our automated client communication and marketing system.

Configure an unlimited amount of automated and personalized messages including the client’s and sales representative’s details, pictures or attachments for the entire business and its processes.

  • Lead follow up or warm up
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Quote follow ups
  • Quote acceptance
  • Order updates 
  • Measure and install updates
  • Thank you and ask for reviews or respond to surveys
  • General marketing, newsletters or client communication

Set up as many messages as you need at as many trigger points as required.

Automated Client Communication & Marketing
Automated Client Communication & Marketing

Automated Client Communication & Marketing – continued

Choose from a huge amount of triggers and criteria such as

  • Sales Representative’s name
  • Company
  • Appointment type
  • Appointment status
  • Products of interest
  • Payment status 
  • Quote status
  • Order placed status
  • Smart Quote status
  • Product order status
  • Measure status
  • Product receiving status
  • Install status
  • Product categories
  • General order status
  • Various quote and order tags
  • Trigger by minute, hour, day, month or on creation
  • Plus much more 

Messages are automatically sent when the selected criteria are met and trigger point reached. All communications are recorded in the client logs per quote and order for easy access at any time.

Messages are sent using HTML or text with email signatures.

Custom Soft Furnishing Tool

The only window furnishing software that provides a comprehensive, easy to use soft furnishing tool you can configure and control.

Calculate fabric quantities, cuts and generate workroom and manufacturer orders instantly, for all of your curtains, drapes, pelmets, tiebacks, and soft roman blinds.

  • Calculate fabric quantities and cuts, produce fabric orders instantly, and place workroom orders for manufacturing
  • Control what information your clients see, what’s shown on screen, what is visible on your workroom manufacturer order, and what is on your install and measure sheet
  • Seamlessly calculates all S fold and wave fold type headings with various carrier spacing and tape spacing
  • Set up custom allowances for different track types, hook allowances and width adjustments to get details perfect every time without the confusion
  • Control allowances used in calculations to ensure our tools calculate the fabric quantities and cuts exactly the same as you do now
  • Create simple and easy rules to automatically adjust pricing, such as additional costs for certain measurements
  • From our Product Builder, control your entire set up, add new versions of the products, and change and update prices
Configure and Control Soft Furnishing Tools

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