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The Basics

Quoterite is the most intelligent quoting and business management software available for the window furnishings industry. Very easy to use, Quoterite allows you to manage and streamline every part of your sales – managing leads and customers, scheduling employees, automatically creating quotes on all products from curtains to security screens, and managing orders and payments. We know it’s a big statement, but there’s nothing our system can’t cover.
Quoterite is designed for small businesses right through to large 100+ single location to multi-store, franchise and licensee groups. With specialized systems specifically designed for franchise and license groups, it makes managing and assisting stores fast and easy
Most other Window Covering Retailer programs claim to be designed for our industry, but once you dig deeper you find they are not much more than a pretty CRM with a ‘made for the blinds industry’ title on top. In reality, there are only a couple programs out there that do anything remotely close to what Smartpad Pro can for your business.

We hate to be blunt, but if you are looking for a program that will do ALL of your quoting, for ALL brands and ANY product type then you’d be wasting your time with anything else. It all comes down to our Product Configurator, our secret weapon that allows us to do things that other platforms can’t.
We’re glad you asked. It’s the heart of our system and what makes us better than the others. And it’s an absolute necessity if you want to generate quotes and orders in a customer’s home. It’s easy to build a system to accommodate just one manufacturer or pricing structure – this is what most programs do. But our system ensures ALL product and option prices are figured correctly, so you can accurately factor in every element of your quoting.

It does all the calculations on the back end, including the factors like grid-based pricing, single line pricing, width based, height based, flat list, percent based, square metre based, add for shutter frames, divide overall sizes by two or three, sub option grids, number of panels, and so on.
Less than the cost of making an ordering mistake each month. See specific pricing here: View our pricing plans.
We believe in providing our clients with the best possible user experience and each account is customized for every client during the onboarding process. Because no two accounts are the same, and our system is packed with custom features, we prefer to showcase our software during live demonstrations with one of our team who can personally walk you through our features. Appointments are conducted via Zoom and tailor made to answer any questions you may have. You can also preview our software by watching a short demonstration video to learn more.

Usage & Availability

Absolutely. We offer our software in quite a few countries around the world, Quoterite has multi-language capability, multi-currency, and the ability to automatically handle any tax variables in other countries. If you’re looking for a solution in your region, simply contact us to tell us what you’re looking for, and we will be in touch.
No additional equipment is required. You can use Quoterite on almost any device, you just need an internet connection. Quoterite works on Android and Apple tablets and phones, and any Apple or Windows operated desktop or laptop. We do recommend all Apple tablets and devices for the best user experience and do have recommended minimum requirements for windows based computers to ensure the best experience while using Quoterite
Recommended Specifications and Devices to ensure smooth operation of Quoterite.

Although Quoterite will work on any device and operating system, some devices do work better than others. The difference in device operation is due to the varied specifications of each device which may provide a faster or slower browsing experience of Quoterite.

Before committing to purchasing any mobile device or computer we recommend you test using Smartpad Pro to ensure you know how it will perform.

Internet Connection Speed: (This is especially important with high volumes of users sharing the one connection)

Minimum – 5 MBPS
Recommended – 10 MBPS

Minimum Recommended Hardware Specifications

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 4th Gen or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: Solid State Drive

OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Inter Core i5 7th Gen or AMD equivalent
Memory: 16 GB
Storage: Solid State Drive

Minimum: OS X 10.11 El Capitan
Recommended: OS 10.13: High Sierra
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: Solid State Drive

Necessary Updates
Your Google Chrome must be kept up to date, failure to do this will cause issues using Smartpad Pro, including various functions, features, pricing and possibly the ability to access your account.

Support and Training Requirements
In order to provide a high level or support we require “team viewer” be installed on all computers, your version of team viewer must be open and not locked by your IT company. Should we not be able to connect to your computer through team viewer we may not be able to provide the support or training required.

Quoting & Ordering Capabilities

Quoterite can accurately quote and order any product, no matter how complex, including:

• Indoor blinds
• Outdoor blinds
• Awnings
• Shutters
• Security doors
• Security Screens
• Roller Shutters
• Window Tinting
• Curtains / Drapes
• Roman Blinds
• Pelmets

You’re also able to quote and order any product you like with our custom product entry.
Quoterite accurately calculates these as well – we customize your soft furnishing calculation and allowances to your exact specifications to make sure that it calculates the correct amounts of fabric and making. Quoterite produces your fabric orders with fabric cuts and fabric quantity along with your workroom orders instantly.
We take care of all of your product and price updates, and it’s included in your monthly subscription. All you need to do is send us through the new price list and we will take care of the rest.
Your account allows you to easily control every discount you get from your suppliers. You can control it by either the brand or group of products. All of this information is private and only visible to you.
We currently support all brands and suppliers with the largest database of product and fabrics in the world. Simply tell us who you use, and we turn them on for your account.
Quoterite allows you to control all of your discounts and margins within your account any time you like. This information is private to you and only affects your account. It can also be locked and hidden by various user settings, so that only certain people access it.

Setup & Training

Excellent question and the honest answer is, “It depends on you.”

Most Clients can activate a handful of products, add company info, configure a few other settings, and start creating quotes and orders within just 30 minutes. Others may take a few hours to set up. And should you have numerous sales staff, installers, office personnel, etc., it will take some extra time to configure their unique logins, user levels, and so forth. Also, the greater your product range of products/brands, the more time it will take to configure them properly.

We have a huge amount of training videos online to assist you and your team through this process, along with offering various onsite training packages to expedite the process.

“Just keeping it real.”

But, upon completion… You will find it couldn’t be any simpler once you’re on site, breezing through quotes and orders in no time at all and Closing More Deals!
Absolutely. While the software is fairly intuitive, it’s important that you clearly understand how to use it, so it can give you great results with your own business processes.
Usually within 24 hours your account is set up and ready to go.
Yes – Quoterite is naturally intuitive, which means it’s easy to use even if you don’t have a knack for technology. We offer a huge range of training tutorials online that can take you through the simplest of tasks right through complete process flows. Our tech support team is also here to assist.
Absolutely! You can set up a personalized demo conducted via zoom here, or you can also watch a short online demo here.
You can sign up by completing our sign up page. We will then be in touch with you to go through the details and help get you started.
Yes Absolutely. Quoterite has the worlds most flexible and advanced tools for these products allowing a completely customised setup, calculations and allowances. Once set up, Quoterite will calculate all yardage and pricing instantly while automatically producing your fabric and workroom orders.
Aaron and Renee Le Cornu both have over 16 years experience running a large Window Covering retail business in Adelaide, South Australia with 25 staff. During this time, they specialized in drapes, but covered all of the different window coverings. Aaron and Reneé developed their own software for the business as no existing software really understood the industry and its specific requirements or the pain points of day-to-day operations.

During this time, Aaron and Renee were asked by existing window covering retailers if they would supply their software for them to use. Because of the growing demand, they closed the retail business and put together a large team of developers, technical support and training staff along with product support staff, to custom-build the first window covering software – built by people with direct industry experience.
No we don’t have any lock in contracts. If you’re not happy with the software, simply let us know and that’s it. We also don’t have any hidden costs. Everything is covered in your monthly subscription with the exception of any optional upgrades.
Yes, we have a sales, technical support and training team in the US who are available via phone, email and live chat. The teams available for any and all support or training you require including live screen share sessions in East coast time.

If training or support is needed later in the afternoon or after hours, we also have other teams that can support you up to 10pm west coast time.
Absolutely, Quoterite was built as a global system with all currencies and measurements included. Our software easily handles feet, inches and yards.
It’s all included in your monthly subscription. If we don’t have the brand you need or your current supplier has a product or price update simply send the price list through to our product support team via email and they’ll take care of it.
Yes, you have complete control over your own products and pricing and everything’s private to you in your account.
Our top priority is to make sure our clients get all the training and support they need to make the move to Quoterite as easy as possible. We generally find that 5 x 1.5 hour team training sessions are enough to get you started, but every client is different. Because of this, we have no limit on initial or long term training and support.
Quoterite has multiple ways this can be handled. Firstly, you can simply add other companies to your dealer account which can each be individually branded with different quote templates and email signatures, etc. This solution is good if you have a few other stores and want all orders, quotes and scheduling to be in the one account, but separated by the different locations or brands.

Alternatively, our “Master Console” is perfect for large multi-store companies, head office or franchisor’s can link all the seperate dealer accounts to one management console. The master console allows you to view all orders and appointments from each store while being able to control pricing for each store if required and instantly access each attached dealers account. The master console can be set up with various levels, (ie county, state and country) so the group of businesses can be managed at different levels with reporting and dashboard reports over the various console levels for high level management.
Absolutely, optional upgrades and extra users can be added and changed at any time just send your request to our sales team.
Quoterite operates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, England and South Africa. If you’re interested in licensing opportunities outside of these areas including other languages, please contact our team.
This is where Quoterite shines well above any other software platform, using our copy product, batch update and excel upload you can create quotes with hundreds of products in minutes.

For example if you had set up 10 windows in Quoterite (which would take about 4 minutes) and then created a drape (which would take 2 minutes), you could then use our copy function to add this drape to every other window instantly. Upon using this function, Quoterite automatically recalculates all fabric quantities and prices for the different size windows instantly. In this example, we would have created 10 windows, with 10 drapes each calculated for specific fabric quantities and making prices in under 10 minutes.

If you then went back into this quote to change the fabric on all 10 windows using our batch update function, it would take another 2 minutes including all of the recalculation of fabric quantities and making prices.

Nothing quotes faster or easier than Quoterite!
Sure can! Not only could you build the quote and take payment in the home using the built in credit card payment gateways, you could process the quote and place the orders with manufacturers, and even pre book the installation before you leave. Every Quoterite function is at your fingertips on any internet connected device.
We are constantly adding new features and functions to Quoterite with feedback and suggestions from clients that form the majority of our development pipeline. On top of this, we also plan out 12 months in advance of major feature updates. A lot of these features are world-first additions, so you wont find them in any other software for window coverings on the market. Recently added functions include our Task Management System, Smart Quote / Smart Invoice, and our specialized commercial project management system.
Not only will your entire team be on the same page, you’ll be connected and working together no matter where your team members are located. Because Quoterite works on any device, the entire organisation can know where jobs are up to, and what needs to be done any time.
Yes. Once your Quoterite account is connected to the many payment integrations available, then your team can process payments on any device even while in the clients home. Plus, if you connect to one of our accounting integrations, then all of your invoices and payments will sync seamlessly to your accounting system as well.

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