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We provide everything a large business needs to plan, collaborate, organise and deliver projects onsite and on time.

With our intuitive tools, workflows, integrations and other specialized features, enterprise and multi-location businesses get visibility over their entire operations.


Enterprise & Multi-location Features

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Powerful, Flexible, Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Powerful, Flexible, Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Any effective window-covering software solution needs to be powerful enough to offer the complete functionality and processes required, yet flexible enough to adapt to each company’s individual needs. Quoterite has been designed for both.

Our specialised systems and detailed approach enable a perfect fit and long-term future-proofing – for types of enterprise organisations, including:

  • National and international organisations with multiple currencies and tax structures
  • Franchise operations
  • Multi-location including custom-tiered management and reporting structures
  • Buying groups
  • Brand license groups
  • Any large organisations requiring a more customised approach to their operations

Powerful, Flexible, Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise modular software covers every aspect of what businesses need for a complete end-to-end system.

  • Retail dealer systems
  • Master Console
  • End-to-end manufacturing
  • Stock and inventory control
  • Product distribution
  • Dealer ordering portals
  • Custom e-commerce solutions
  • Integration platforms
  • Various customized account profiles and functionality
Quoterite global solutions

We have the largest global database of manufacturers and fabric suppliers ready to go. Plus, our expert team can build and maintain any window coverings you manufacture or import FREE.

If You Offer More Than Window Coverings, We’ve Got You Covered

Window coverings are our specialty, but Quoterite was built for much more than that, allowing us to fully support larger organisations with more diverse product and service offerings.

Some of the additional products and services we support:

  • Flooring
  • Window film
  • Doors
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Home Accessories
  • Decorating and home services
  • Plus much more – just ask!

Our specialised Product Team can train you and your team to build, manage and maintain your products and services. Alternatively, we can provide a fully supported and maintained system, or a mixture of both.

Master Console – The Foundation Of Large Scale Retail Dealer Management

Our Master Console provides complete control, visibility, support, reporting, and access to any connected retail dealer accounts.

If you’re managing 2 to 2,000+ locations, our Master Console provides the configurable foundation to structure and support your entire organisation from a single log in.

  • Set tiered levels of management for state, national, and country wide access, reporting, pricing, and much more
  • View and filter between any connected accounts, orders, and appointments
  • Get direct admin access to any connected account giving you full access for instant support and training
  • View Reporting Dashboards with the ability to apply certain filters per location or region
  • Set permissions for each user on the exact access and functions you want them to have
  • Choose to control all or specific retail dealer account pricing, markups/margins, product range, branding and general account set-up
  • Control automated client communication for each connected account to have unified customer service and communication globally
  • Our task management system allows you to set tasks for Master Console users plus other account users, and track completion or actions taken
  • Each Master Console is individually configured and priced depending on your exact requirements, structure, and additional development or integrations needed

When it comes to the Master Console’s functionality, this is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to its capabilities.

Quoterite is re-investing over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader in driving innovation and technology.

Enhance efficiencies and boost staff performance

Our Powerful Modular Software Provides Flexible End-To-End Systems

Our modular systems seamlessly connect, while providing the flexibility to be configured to any company’s structure and requirements. Future-proof your company by partnering with us – leading innovators and technology pioneers for the window covering industry globally.

Some examples of the flexibility and scalability of our systems:

  • Connect unlimited retail dealer accounts to our Master Console for centralised control, reporting and access
  • Allows everything from a single company or dealer location to multiple companies, brands, product offerings and configurations to be run from a single account
  • Our Stock and Inventory System:
    • Covers full manufacturing, plus it allows for simple fabric, component or ready-made product inventory
    • Is configurable with a tiered approach for multiple locations, head office or central warehousing, distribution, reporting and management
  • Our Product Distribution Systems allow the transfer and tracking of stock such as material or manufactured products and components between locations

Partner With Quoterite, The Company That Partners With You

Our Enterprise Systems are not a standard one size fits all “out of the box” solution.

Once you’ve chosen to partner with us, our discovery and review process is the first and most critical stage we undertake with you. Our Executive Team works directly with you and your team through the following steps to ensure nothing is left to chance.

  1. Conduct a documented, detailed review and understanding of your current operations, processes, software, technology, current staff roles, bottlenecks, required outcomes, timelines, etc.
  2. Identify any custom configurations, functions or integrations needed now or in the future.
  3. If you are currently using other software, our team can assist in assessing any data transfers between the systems and/or outline the transition process.

After our review, we provide a detailed outline of the entire process, timeline and requirements, including Service Level Agreements, AWS setup and technical specifications, for review and acceptance.

Quoterite One Click Bulk Ordering

This year, our Engineering Team spent over 2,000 hours developing customized features, configurations and integrations for Enterprise clients, enhancing and automating their operations.

For Our Enterprise Clients – Enterprise Custom Projects

A few examples of custom projects we have delivered for our Enterprise clients include:

  • Custom reporting, dashboards, external reporting integrations and data transfers
  • Centralised management and call centre systems, including integrated phone systems, CRM, lead distribution, appointment management, 2-way email communication, and much more
  • Bi-directional integration with SAP and other ERP systems
  • Sales promotion management by location, group or user, including timeframes, cadence functions and parallel offer restrictions
  • Central fault management and reporting system to identify problem areas and related costs in any business area or function
  • Centralised system to set all automated client communication and branding for appointment reminders, quote follow-ups, order statuses, surveys, and much more

Need Limitless Potential, Scale and Flexibility?

Quoterite has partnered with HubSpot to provide custom bi-directional first-party integrations allowing data to synchronize between systems as needed.

This provides the massive benefit of having a single source of synchronized data between systems, and the flexibility to leverage HubSpot’s integrations as you grow, or as requirements change.

  • Quoterite users see all configured information directly inside their Quoterite account
  • Leverage over 1,220 integrations with HubSpot’s world-leading software providers
  • Supercharge your CRM with HubSpot marketing integrations and social media connectors
  • Add cloud phone and chat systems to enhance your call centre or team
  • Add 2 way email and communication systems keeping everything in one place

With our custom HubSpot integration and support, supercharge your entire organisation beyond your imagination.

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We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader in delivering the features and functions you need.

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