Take your retail business to the next level

Unrivalled simplicity across every aspect of your window-covering business

Goodbye spreadsheets and late nights,
hello inteligent quoting

The next generation of window-covering software is here. With end-to-end transparency, you have the power to optimise workflows and improve margins – regardless of wether you are an independent freelancer, or global multi-national

Quoterite builds and maintains your product catalogues forever

Leave the heavy lifting to us, and know that you have access to the latest manufacturer catalogues every time you complete a quote

Modular and cloud-based architecture scales with your business

Choosing Quoterite is an investment in your long term business success. Our modular architecture grows with your business – choose exactly the modules that you need for where you are at today, and know that you will be supported tomorrow.

Quoterite’s modules can be connected to deliver what you need to optimise your business growth




We build and maintain your product catalogues

Your entire product catalogue is created and maintained for FREE by our experienced Customer Support Team. With most leading manufacturers already supported, you will never have to manually import pricing catalogues again.

Configure and control

Your business is unique. Quotrite is fully customisable and our Customer Support Team will configure all the modules to suit your needs precisely.

Payment integrations

The payment integrations module allow anyone on your team to process payments for quotes, orders, measures or installations anywhere and on any device. All transactions synchronise seamlessly to your accounting system.

Accounting integrations

The accounting integrations module allow all transactions in Quoterite to sync with your existing accounting system, removing the need for manual processes and double data entry. Customised settings allow you to control exactly how invoices are generated, saving you time and frustration.allow you to control exactly how invoices are generated, saving you time and frustration.

‘Quoterires is the only provider who does the heavylifting: they build and maintained all of our product catalogues, leaving us free to focus on growing our business’

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains & Blinds

Product and price management

Easily control your product lines, discounts, markups and margins with the most comprehensive pricing management system on the planet. Any changes to products and pricing are immediately available inside all your other Quoterite modules.

Document library

Empower your team to make great decisions with easy access to all product specification sheets, pictures and other information when offsite or on location.


Never use a sticky note again with the Quoterite task module. Assign tasks, see what tasks are being worked on and where, and assign actions against any appointment, quote or order.

CRM management

The integrated CRM allows your sales team to keep track of staff performance, allow up quotes and outstanding actions, understand what tasks need to be done next and get insights using custom and pre-created reports and dashboards.

Leads management

Manually create leads or build customised contact us and enquiry forms within Quoterite, that seamlessly embed into your website allowing leads to automatically flow into Quoterite. Manage, assign and book leads accross your team while gaining precise insights into your sales funnel, allowing you to create custom campaigns to encourage faster sales cycles.

Appointment scheduling

From the first appointment to installation and final payment, Quoterite gives you everything you need for a seamless, mistake-free experience. Appointment scheduling and automated reminders for your staff and customers have never been easier.

Quoting and ordering

Produce quotes and present multiple buying options within minutes, capturing all the right information including pictures and drawings, instantly producing professional, branded quotes. This module allows your team to sell on the spot, or submit quotes accurately and quickly while onsite, reducing sales cycles and follow up efforts.

Drapes and soft furnishings

Quoterites custom soft furnishing tools allow your team to quote and sell fast, with this easy, flexible and intuitive module. Automatically calculate fabric quantities, cuts and generate workroom and manufacturer orders for all of your curtains, drapes, pelmets, tiebacks, and soft roman blinds.

Smart quote and invoicing

The ultimate sales and customer service module to maximise conversions, streamline processes and deliver the best customer experience possible. Smart Invoices and payment links allow you to send live invoices and embed “Add Payment” buttons, while Smart Quote allows clients to view their quote, accept it, digitally sign for it, and make payments all from the comfort of their own home.

Workflow order management

The Workflow Manager module ensures a smooth and tightly controlled order management process. See what’s going on anywhere at any time, and provide your customer service team with complete visibility and clarity of every step of the order process via our Smart Search tool.and clarity of every step of the order process via our Smart Search tool.

‘Quoterite has been a game changer for us. Within weeks, we moved our window coverings business from the dark ages into the light. Having everything integrated gives us an easy pathway to expansion and growth’

Nathan Zorbas,
The Blinds Gallery

Measure and installation

Give your measure and installation team everything they need for easy, mistake-free appointments with this module. All data flows straight back into your Workflow Manager and reporting dashboards.

Reporting and dashboards

Our comprehensive reporting and performance modules capture and calculate the information you need, and concisely in an easy to understand format. From high-level company reports to individual staff sales performance, know what’s happening in your business and across stores in real-time.

Multi-Company management

Our system adapts and supports your business as you scale. We provide everything large, distributed teams need to plan, collaborate, organise and deliver projects onsite and on time, while giving you full visibility into performance at every location

Training and support

We believe that the key to great software is a successful onboarding and training process ensuring a seamless transition. Our expert team helps guide you through our getting started process step-by-step, ensuring that you get the most out of your Quoterite system as your business grows and evolves.

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