Manufacturer Training and Support.

Our training and support for manufacturers and wholesalers provides every resource needed to plan, collaborate, schedule and manufacture your products to dealers globally. 
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Manufacturer Training and Support

We provide additional support services and assistance designed to improve your sales operations from quoting to customer service, reporting and more.

You can count on our Customer Experience team who provide responsive, ongoing technical services when you need it at no charge.

1. Initial Discovery Phase

This Phase is driven by our Executive Team who all have extensive experience in the manufacturing arena and achieving best practice, and have directed the development of our manufacturing system.

Our team initially conducts a thorough review of your business processes and systems via Zoom meetings with your key personnel. Onsite reviews are priced separately.

Focus of Review

The aim of the review is to get a clear picture of your business, how you currently operate, and what you want to achieve. 

The review is an open forum with your key manufacturing staff to discuss items including:

  • Current systems and functionality
  • Manufacturing processes 
  • Operations
  • Documentation, forms and reports 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Quality controls and management
  • Staff performance management
  • Stock control processes
  • Financial systems
  • Goals

Our Team

The members of the Executive Team who run the reviews include: 

Aaron Le Cornu

Aaron LeCornu – Co-Founder and Director

Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig – Chief Technical Officer

Mike Wilczynski

Mike Wilczynski – Chief Financial Officer

2. Product Set Up Phase

During the Product Set Up Phase, our Product Support Team works with you to build, set up, configure and validate your products. 

Input of high quality data and validations – by our team so your clients have the best and simplest user experience. 

Through our systems and clean data and processes, your clients are empowered to elevate their brand above others.

Setup and configuration – we do it all for you unlike other systems, and maintain the products as long as you want us to, or train you. 

We make the system work for your business so you have the advancement and customization to suit your business.

3. Configuration Phase

Whether you’re a manufacturer and retailer, or manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, we know your requirements are different.

We are about empowering you with an enhanced, efficient, future-proof version of your system, which ensures a smooth transition from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ so your business continues as normal. We are not forcing a rigid, cookie cutter style solution on you that expects a restructure of your whole operations, which causes more problems, costs and down time. 

Our system grows intrinsically with your business for a seamless, gradual integration that does not overwhelm your current operations or staff. 

During the Configuration Phase, our team:

  • Work with you to empower the development and control of your system, based on the functionality and system architecture you need. We customize, build, integrate and future-proof your system so it fits with your business and improves what you already have in place, so not reinventing the wheel but enhancing it.
  • Look at your KPIs and long term business objectives to align the configuration of the system to your goals and future growth.

Using their manufacturing experience and what they learned from the Initial Discovery Phase, may suggest initial refinements to your processes. These may include different options, methods or best practices to enhance your system and its performance.

4. Simulation Phase

During the Simulation Phase, the team simulates your current processes within the system to ensure your workflows and financial system integration operate correctly. 

Any adjustments are made so it’s an effective, seamless transition.

5. Training and Implementation Phase

Quoterite provides a seamless transition to your manufacturing system. The Training and Implementation Phase is driven by our Executive Team via a series of virtual training sessions / meetings with relevant team members. 

You’re never on your own and our team guides you through each step of the  implementation process with no downtime, no problems and no confusion. 

Your team is trained to ensure they immediately benefit from the automated processes and workflows of the system, alleviating their deadline stress.

6. Analysis and Advisory Phase

Our team partners with you over the long term, and is truly invested in seeing your business thrive and grow through our systems. 

After transition, our Executive Team acts as business consultants that provide in-depth data analytics and reviews of your processes. 

We look to enhance your operations with gradual step-by-step changes after regular analysis, review and measurement of your data and workflows.

The team’s advisory role includes:

  • Identifying how to optimize your system and access its powerful functionality, and where future gains are that align with your business goals. 
  • Reviewing data driven analytics, and assessing your workflows and any manual tasks to further automate and streamline your operations for optimum efficiency and growth. 
  • Scheduling regular meetings and training sessions with key team members to discuss enhancements, upgrades and scaling of the system driven by you. 
  • Defining a plan that aligns with your 3/6/9 month goals, and how to reach them quicker in the most cost efficient and seamless way maximizing the system’s powerful functionality and advancements. 
  • Detailed reporting and suggestions on what we see and where to evolve your system specifically to your business. We combine our learnings and best practices from our manufacturing clients around the globe.

Your Long Term Partner and Continuous Innovation

Our local team based in Adelaide is your ideal partner to future proof and grow your business. We are the chosen partner to some of the largest manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and rapidly growing as the global leader in window covering software systems.

Our team has a relentless focus on innovation, development and future-proofing of our systems so you reach your goals, and exceed them.

Your Team

Whatever we need to make the process easier and for you to succeed using our systems, we do. 

Essentially we become part of your team, constantly driving and supporting you through each step and milestone. 

Let’s work together and see the enormous impact on your business and life.

Support PartnerRole
Our Executive TeamLong term business consultants – Watch, measure, analyze and review your business and processes to provide quality data that identifies gaps or areas for continuous improvement empowered by the system.Training as required.Advice on scaling, new product updates, and future growth through maximizing the potential of the system.
Dedicated technical support personTechnical Support – Assigned only to you to resolve any issues or questions.
Product Support TeamProduct Configuration and Maintenance – Set up, configuration, and long term maintenance of your products.
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