Building Better Manufacturer Solutions.

Quoterite doesn’t just make processes easier for retail clients – We also simplify the order process for suppliers and manufacturers as well.

Delivering an end-to-end software solution set to revolutionise the window covering industry.

Manufacturer or Supplier Questions? Talk with us about putting Quoterite to work for you.

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Join with Quoterite As We Build Better Integrated Systems

Join us to deliver an end-to-end software solution set to revolutionize the window covering industry.

As part of our continued expansion and product enhancements, we will soon be commencing development on three additional industry-leading systems to perfect the full end-to-end cloud-based solution.

1.  A Complete Manufacturing System — enabling the capability to manufacture all types of window coverings, including soft furnishings, curtains/drapes, roman blinds, indoor blinds, outdoor blinds, shades, awnings etc.

2.  Live Stock and Inventory Control — linked to your Manufacturing System for all components, fabrics, including drapery material.

3.  An Online Portal For Wholesalers — enabling your clients to login and create quotes or orders, while accessing product updates, price changes, and order statuses instantly.

Join with us as part of our Advisory Council to develop our new Manufacturing System. It’s a great opportunity to be directly involved in the planning and development of a new system that will improve and shape your businesses future.

Streamline Your Order Process

Manufacturers and fabricators can integrate with our advanced API system. We make the process simple and easy with our technical and product team working directly with your IT staff to create the connection and product mapping.

We also maintain products, pricing and mapping FREE so your retail clients can easily place orders directly through Quoterite and into your system to streamline the order process.

Manufacturers can also get direct access to our powerful product builder and validation system to instantly update or change products as you need. Our product team can also work closely with you to pre-build and set price lists and product updates so they’re ready when the items are ready.

  • Create a standard API connection
  • Build custom connections to suit your existing systems
  • Work with us to build the functionality you need

Manufacturing & Supplier Retail Integrations

Receive retail orders and update delivery statuses

  • With one click your Quoterite retail clients can send orders directly into your system
  • Pass order updates, delivery dates, shipping notifications that instantly update the clients order in Quoterite
  • Send barcodes or QR codes so clients can scan products in that automatically receive products and logs products into Quoterite
  • Any order failures are logged and displayed for clients to resolve and re-send
  • Need custom features or development let us know and our team can go over the details with you

Create Acceptance Rules

  • Manufacturers can create order acceptance rules and validations to ensure orders sent are 100% correct or rejected
  • Any rejections notifies the Quoterite client so they can rectify and resend the order

Order Management

Our order management portal allows your retail clients to easily place orders with one click, giving you complete visibility and control over every placed order.

  • Export orders in excel or PDF
  • Update order statuses, delivery dates and shipping information, which instantly updates your client’s account in Quoterite
  • Get product builder and validation access to have complete control of your product ranges
  • Our team builds and maintains your window covering product ranges
  • Have the ability to build any products and ranges you need i.e. furnishings, lighting absolutely anything
  • Use our portal with our manufacturer sheets and labels for a streamlined process

Our product builder and management system is a state-of-the-art configurator with more functions, features and flexibility than any system in the world.


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