The best solution for your manufacturing business

Simplify your window-covering manufacturing business with the most comprehensive, fully-connected, cloud-based ERP system purpose-built for our industry.

Connect new modules as your business grows

Have confidence that your investment will grow seamlessly with your success

Your products and catalogues are managed by the Quoterite team

Your Quoterite Team will build, configure, and maintain your product modules, options, pricing structure, rules, validations, and restrictions for your business. Never worry about having to set up and configure new products or change existing ones, we do the updates for you, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Comprehensive product support

You will gain access to the most comprehensive window-coverings manufacturing system available. Designed specifically to handle all types of internal and external window coverings, including indoor and outdoor blinds, shades, awnings, shutters, soft furnishings, drapery, roman blinds, pelmets and custom product configurations.

Product and price management

Quoterite’s powerful product pricing engine gives you limitless control and configuration, working from BOM, price grids and option selections, allowing you to calculate the sale/purchase price of any inventory item. Individual pricing calculators for each type of inventory processor (non-stock, inventory, BOM) give you total control over your inventory pricing functionality.

Deductions and allowances fully covered

Quoterite handles all product deductions and allowances, regardless of their complexity. Like all modules, this one instantly links to your global inventory system ensuring that you never have to spend time updating and checking whether changes have propagated correctly.

Discount as you wish, we have it sorted

Control your product lines, discounts, markups, and margins with the most comprehensive pricing management system. Configure each client’s discount structures independently – from simple overall product discounts to complex discount structures and specific product option selections. Changes instantly update in all your and your clients’ Quoterite modules.

‘Quoterite is the only provider who does the heavy lifting: they build and maintain all our product catalogues, leaving us free to focus on growing our business’

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains & Blinds

Total client management CRM

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows you to manage customer data and interactions, including contact information, purchase history, and customer service requests. You can directly create and manage sales orders, quotes, and invoices ensuring a seamless customer experience, reducing the risk of errors or data inconsistencies. The CRM can be extended with custom integrations.

Marketing, messaging and automated updates

Build a strong marketing function in your business based on customer data. Send automated updates to clients regarding the status of their orders, delivery information, dispatch notifications, product/pricing updates, specials, new releases, and shipping details. Communicate with clients about order queries, message dealers, and track all responses and updates.

Anytime access to specifications

Enable your clients to make informed decisions by providing easy access to product specification sheets, a current gallery of pictures, and other information regardless of their location. Like all Quoterite modules, the document library is seamlessly connected and updates across client accounts instantly.

Bill of materials

Your Bill of Materials (BOM) can be instantly generated and viewed showing your selected product options, measurements, and mounting information providing a clear overall view of any order. The BOM information flows through to all connected modules, including manufacturing worksheets, labels, and your stock on hand and inventory system.

Worksheets and labels

Generate manufacturing worksheets, process flow labels, and final product labels, allowing complete control over layout, required information, barcodes, and QR codes.

Workflow order management

Get access to real-time tracking of the entire manufacturing process. Set up live alerts for overdue accounts, and know exactly what is happening in your business at any point in time. Split and merge sales and dealer purchase orders, update, and send confirmations. Auto-track detailed sub-assembly and sub-of-sub assembly and view full audit trail of changes.

Scheduling and capacity planning

The scheduling and capacity modules simplify production pipeline management and resource availability, and provide comprehensive reporting and expected production management. Automatically calculate and
communicate expected production due dates for current orders and keep clients informed of production timeframes for each product type.


Replace sticky notes with the Quoterite task module. Assign tasks to orders or users, monitor task progress, identify delays, and determine affected orders, ensuring your entire team is accountable and aligned.

Stock on hand and inventory control

Stay in control with live connectivity on your entire stock/inventory system, including stock levels, automated stock re-ordering, and configurable order allocations. Mix and match reorder quantities automatically triggering purchase orders to your suppliers. Track unlimited product batch lots against location tracking for control of
material dye lots and other product variables.

Global inventory

Quoterite’s unique global inventory system allows you to access other parts, fabric, or component suppliers’ products from the entire Quoterite core. Simply activate, set your discounts, ordering specifications, and you’re ready to go.

Warehousing and location management

Real-time inventory management, enabling you to track and monitor inventory levels, including stock on hand, on order, and in transit. You will have accurate and efficient location management with the ability to track items by location, zone, or bin for easy access and retrieval. Access reports that show detailed information on inventory levels, location movements, and key performance metrics, supporting better decision-making and improved warehouse management.

Dealer portals for online ordering

Offer a powerful quoting and order management portal for your wholesale clients, enabling them to quote, order, and track orders anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Quoterite’s customisable dealer portals can be tailored to meet your functional requirements and provide clients with the tools they need for success.

Purchasing and receiving

The real-time stock and inventory control system automatically generates purchase orders based on supplier and product configurations. Track and manage purchase orders and shipments from multiple suppliers, and monitor expected and actual delivery dates. Goods received automatically flow through and update other Quoterite modules, notifying of anomalies or delays and allowing proactive supply chain management.

Risk free guarantee

Picking the right software partner for your business can be tough. We promise that Quoterite’s cloud-based modular systems will save you more money than they cost. If you don’t think that’s true after using them for a year and you want to stop working with Quoterite, we’ll give you back half of the fees you paid during that first year.

Dispatch and shipping

Quoterite’s simple and effective picking process ensures the correct items are selected for each order and can be tracked from the warehouse to the shipping area. Automatically notify clients of pending or sent shipments, with the ability to create custom statuses and notifications as needed. Manage and track inventory levels in real-time to prevent over-commitment of stock.


The advanced stocktake system easily imports and exports your data, giving you complete transparency and control. Automatically generate stocktake count sheets and configure your stocktake process, allowing for no stocktake, full stocktake, and rolling stocktakes. Track and report on stock movement batches plus multi-level customisable locations, including bays, shelves, sublocations, and multiple warehouses.


Efficiently manage and report on reworks to identify issues and their locations. Detailed insights into problematic products, components, or internal processes enable continuous improvement.

Cutting table machine integration

Eliminate manual data input for your manufacturing machinery, saving time and reducing errors caused by incorrect manual input. Quoterite automatically calculates adjusted product measurements for manufacturing and transfers them to your machines via XML, CSV, or direct live integration.

Quoterite’s expert in-house development team and account manager are eager to discuss your requirements, an implementation strategy, and provide you with a cost and scope of work.


Advanced invoicing streamlines the entire process, allowing you to create and send individual or batch invoices directly to clients, ensuring accuracy and saving time. Monitor live details on client orders when payments become overdue or underpaid, helping control and manage workflows around payment terms.

Payment integrations

Quoterite’s payment integrations module enables your team members to process payments anywhere and on any device. Automate and pre-schedule payments via credit card for all clients. All transactions sync seamlessly with your accounting system, saving time and reducing mistakes.

Accounting integrations

The accounting integrations module allows Quoterite to sync with your existing accounting system, eliminating manual processes and double entry. Customised settings enable control over invoice generation, provide control over customer credit limits, balances, payments received, and outstanding payments. Connect to MYOB, MYOB Advanced, Xero, Quickbooks, or enquire about custom integrations.

Reporting and dashboards

The comprehensive reporting and performance module presents your business vitals in an easy-to-understand format. From high-level company reports to granular sales performance data, stay informed about your business and client or location-specific activities in real-time.

Training & support

We believe that successful onboarding
and training is crucial for seamless software integration. Our expert team will guide you step-by-step through the getting started process, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your Quoterite system as your business grows and evolves.

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