E-Commerce FAQs.

We’re taking the stress out of selling online. Make life easy by seamlessly powering your e-commerce and order management system with our exclusive Product Builder.

Quoterite takes care of the complex, costly and time consuming tasks, so you can concentrate on the important things in life.

Questions? Chat with us about how to integrate your Quoterite products seamlessly with your online store so you can start selling online easily.


E-Commerce FAQs

Power your e-commerce platform

Works with WordPress, WooCommerce, and the Quoterite plugin.

  • Integrate with accounting systems
  • Integrate with payment gateways
  • Saves and tracks shopping cart and clients’ connected quote and orders to their created account 
  • Clients can save quotes and come back later to finish them

Don’t have a WordPress website? Chat with us regarding integrating your website directly with Quoterite’s e-commerce API.

Everything you need to start selling online

Grow your business with hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions like:

  • USPS Shipping, FedEx, UPS and more
  • MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Ads, and many more marketing apps
  • Tracking and connecting apps like Google Analytics, Zapier, Social Login 
  • Additional payment options like PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, AfterPay and many more
Quoterite Integrations - WooCommerce Extensions

Get secure payments, configurable shipping options and more with third party plugins.

  • Mailchimp
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Google Ads
  • TaxJar + auto tax calculator
  • MailPoet
  • Thousands of different configurations through WooCommerce add-ons like discount codes, etc. 
  • Unlimited shipping
  • Plus thousands more
How does Quoterite’s E-commerce system work?

Start selling online with a simple plugin to deliver an integrated, flexible and unbeatable e-commerce website to your customers.

Unlike current e-commerce website templates, Quoterite streamlines and simplifies the entire process of getting you up and running fast. Using the industry benchmark online shopping system, you can make the transition to online sales simply with an easy to install and customisable WordPress plug in.

The e-commerce system works by:

  • Using a WordPress plugin
  • Embedding various short code elements in your online store to provide a live 2-way connection between your website and Quoterite’s Product Builder. 
  • You or your team’s time commitment to upload pictures, add any other information, and availability for testing and review stages.

Don’t have a WordPress website? Chat with us regarding integrating your website directly with Quoterite’s e-commerce API.

When client’s order your products online, what happens?

Quotes are generated in Quoterite, all trackable and re-accessible if the clients come back later to finish it.

Client details are stored in Quoterite.

Orders are processed to Quoterite. You need to send the order to the manufacturer via email or directly to the manufacturer’s ordering system via API integration if available.

Status changes during the process in Quoterite can automatically trigger update emails to your clients for automated communication.

Control product markups/margins and discounts from your Quoterite account.

Control product configuration and styling from your Quoterite account.

Payments are processed via your e-commerce platform and synced to Quoterite automatically.

What products can I sell through Quoterite’s e-commerce system?

Pretty much anything you want! While Quoterite’s advanced Product Builder specializes in all forms of window coverings, it can easily configure almost any product, from doors, to lighting, cushions, accessories and much more. 

If you’re looking to add products other than window coverings, please contact our team to talk through your requirements as extra charges or some limitations may apply.

What training and support do we provide initially and long term?

Our once-off initial set up fee and ongoing monthly fee includes all the training and support you need so you’re never on your own. From development, product support to general system training, we’re there every step of the way.

Are there costs to add new products and ranges later or to update the product options and pricing?

No, everything is included in the monthly fee. Limitations or extra charges may apply for non-window covering products but will be discussed during the initial meeting.

Who can use Quoterite’s e-commerce system?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler … or all of these combined. Quoterite’s systems are specifically designed to natively connect and expand to the meet business requirements throughout the product journey. Our all-in-one solution covers the data needs connected business rely upon from production to distribution, and on to the final consumer via your online store, or sales agent.

How long does it generally take from signing up to being able to sell products online?

In general we find this process can take 2-3 months from start to finish, but there are factors out of our control that will affect the time frames including:

  • Making sure our Product team gets all of the product information on time
  • Your Website Developer’s time and ability to implement the work
  • You or your team’s time commitment to upload pictures, add any other information, and availability for testing and review stages.

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