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Driving Relentless Innovation to Future-Proof Your Business

When our founders were busy running a major curtains and blinds company, they knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage processes and stay on top of performance in the window furnishing industry. Unfortunately, there was nothing in the market to suit their needs, so they decided to create their own business management software.

Quoterite was conceived by our Founders, Aaron and Reneé LeCornu, who had a dream to make business and life easier for the much maligned window covering retailer. 

Aaron and Reneé previously owned and ran Kornblum, one of the largest window covering retailers in Adelaide, South Australia. Kornblum specialized in internal and external blinds, shades, shutters, awnings, drapery and soft furnishings employing over 25 staff and turning over $5m per year.

Coming with 30+ years living and breathing the window coverings industry, Aaron and Renee knew the struggles and pressures associated with running a business and a family. 

It was impossible and they were drowning in a sea of hours spent quoting, rescheduling appointments, tracking and following up orders with no light at the end of a long tunnel. It was taking a huge toll on them emotionally and physically. They were paralyzed with manual, time-consuming processes and systems that didn’t work.

The only way forward was to get the right software for their business that would help to systemize, grow and automate their manual tasks. The available software options were old, clunky, hard to use and lacked the features, functions and process flows they needed.

They thought they deserved better and that there had to be a better way, not only for themselves but the whole industry, so Aaron and Renee were driven to develop Quoterite. 

The most revolutionary quoting, manufacturing and business management system built by the industry for the industry.

Relentless Focus on Development and Innovation to Empower the Industry

Quoterite is the only true cloud-based, future-proofed software for the window covering industry. Driven by a relentless focus on innovative and customized solutions, Quoterite empowers you to take control of your business and life. As well as enabling advancement and scaling of your business for the future.

Quoterite handles the complexities of our industry with custom tools that automate and link the quoting and ordering processes, eliminating costly errors, and driving performance and sales.

It promotes a positive and stable work culture that empowers growth and staff to excel. With customers benefiting from an automated and superior experience delivered onsite, online and ontime

Just as importantly, Quoterite gives you your life back to be there as parents, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons. It allows you to regain life balance and feel human again without the guilt of often having to put work first. 

Dare to dream, with Quoterite it’s possible!

Our Vision

To be the global leader in progressive, specialized software

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision with a powerful combination of industry experience, inspired thinking, a driven team and continued focus on strategic development.

Our software provides aligned business with the tools to drive more sales, save time through automation and view real-time leading insights into the success of their business.

Our Values

EmpowerWe strive to be the best we can be and have the freedom to make decisions.

CollaborateWe will give the best possible user experience, thrive on feedback and maintain open communication channels.

FulfilOur well-being is a priority. We will maintain a good work-life balance, achieve set goals and add value to the business.

PursueWe have passion and never accept near enough as good enough while maintaining professional customer service.

Our Team and Growth 

Quoterite is now the global leader in window covering software systems, currently servicing clients throughout Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, UK and South Africa. Our investment in development, new technologies, product and customer support, and human resources remain second to none. 

With a global team of 40+ staff specializing in product support, development, training and customer experience, we ensure we have the expertise and best tools to sustain the growth and development of new solutions that are revolutionizing the industry.

Expanding Worldwide

Currently serving Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our Products

Retail Solutions

More than just quoting software. Enhance your client experience and streamline operations from start to finish.

Manufacturer Solutions

A customized solution with the functionality, structure and set up you need, implemented by industry experts.

E-commerce Solutions

Seamlessly Power your e-commerce website and order management system with our exclusive Product Builder.

We’re reinvesting over $1,300,000 this year to expand and enhance our software, underscoring our commitment to remain the industry leader delivering the features and functions you need.

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