Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

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Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

Learn how Quoterite streamlines the appointment process

Specifically designed to be easy to use and covering all products from Curtains, Blinds, Shutters, Awnings, Outdoor Blinds, Security Screens, Doors and Window Films, there’s practically nothing our system can’t cover.

More than that, Quoterite provides several built-in features which help to track operations, streamline processes and reduce errors so you can stay on top of what’s important to you. 

Would improving your sales team’s efficiency by over 40% while spending less time managing and coordinating staff benefit your business? Working after hours? How valuable would it be if you could have your own personal time back again?

We’ve found that correctly scheduled and kept appointments are vital to the success of every business, which is why we’ve streamlined every part of the appointment workflow for you.

If your team is plagued by missed, cancelled or double booked appointments, or if you find that coordinating everyone’s calendars is often frustrating and hugely time consuming, Quoterite’s Scheduler eliminates these hassles for you, so you can focus on more important things.

Here’s how:

Ensure clients keep their appointments – It’s a huge waste of time showing up to an appointment that your client forgot about. Quoterite means you can automate reminders and confirmation requests so that your clients are ready for you.

Don’t let staff miss their appointments either – If there’s anything worse than a client missing an appointment, it’s a member of your team missing it instead.

Quoterite safeguards against this by syncing appointments with staff Google or Outlook calendars. When changing a staff appointment, you can also automate notifications so that nothing gets missed in communication.

Make viewing, scheduling and planning a breeze – The drag-and-drop Scheduler comes with multiple views, filters and controls to make it easy for everyone. Group staff by teams to view progress at the access level they need, while managers can get a bird’s eye view to plan effectively.

Don’t get lost! – Your client has confirmed the appointment, your staff member has been notified … Now the Google Maps integration makes it easy for them to find their way there.

With Quoterite, it’s easy to create a smooth experience and deliver the highest customer expectations in speed, accuracy and service from beginning to end. 

Additional Features: Scheduling Made Easy

With Quoterite’s built-in Scheduler, you can make the most of your time with these additional features.

See where your staff are, and know what they are up to.

  • Sync appointments with Google or Outlook Calendar
  • Track the lead source for every appointment
  • Create contact records directly when making the appointment. No need to duplicate your efforts elsewhere
  • Customize appointment types and client statuses
  • Create appointment directions automatically via the Google Maps integration
  • Pre-fill all your clients quote and invoice details when making the initial appointment
  • SMS clients directly from the appointment to send any direct communications and last minute reminders
  • Log all emails and SMS correspondence with each client
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Easily duplicate appointments
  • Block out times for personal appointments or days off
  • Easily export schedules if you elect to use a paper run sheet for the day or week
  • View Install and Measure Sheets for each client appointment
  • Take client payments directly through appointments

You can learn more about Appointment Scheduling here

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