10 game changing Quoting Tool features

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Quoterite’s 10 Game-Changing Quoting Tool Features

The 10 game-changing features of Quoterite’s Quoting Tool simplifies the process with more automation tools to make quoting faster than any other software. Together with our industry-leading Product Builder and Validation System, and Soft Furnishings & Drapery Calculator, you have the most comprehensive quoting system customized for your business.

Our advanced quote management system is a fast, simple way to manage one to hundreds of quotes. Your sales staff can track and classify quotes and leads through customised quote statuses, next action tasks, and chance of sale to ensure there aren’t any clients or leads lost in the system. While managers can verify how team members are performing, use smart filters to segment quotes for easy follow up and even track client responses.

Quoterite not only reduces errors and streamlines the sales process for your team, it also means an enjoyable customer journey for your customers. 

Sales staff can prepare and deliver quotes right on the spot while any additional customer changes can be automatically updated and priced in allowing for immediate payment.

The 10 Features of the Quoting Tool that Will Change Your Business Forever

Take a look at the following 10 features of our Quoting Tool that makes it stand out above the rest. 

  1. A Customized Soft Furnishing & Drapery Calculator – Once configured to your specifications, this one-of-a-kind tool calculates all yardage and pricing instantly while automatically producing your fabric and workroom orders. Unlike other software options, we work with your suppliers and workrooms to build your personalised system. 
  2. Create quotes in minutes – Our Measure Once feature enables you to simply copy alike products from a single product to a group of products while the system automatically recalculates the price for you.
  3. Complete product integration – All brands and products are fully integrated into your quote configuration so customers can quickly select which brands they want quoted by using the drop-down Brand Supplier/Product tool. 
  4. Automatically calculate prices – Prices for products being added, removed or changed are automatically updated in real time as they are selected so nothing is overlooked or missed when updating your quote.
  5. All validations, rules and allowances are automatically calculated – Control of pricing and product selections is built-in and maintained by our team doing away with those time consuming, inaccurate quotes forever.
  6. Send quotes your way – Customer quotes can be printed, sent via email or SMS to complete online.
  7. Smart Quote – Our Smart Quote module completes the quote to order process online by fully automating the approval and payment process for customers. 
  8. From quote to order – Once approved and downpayment made, orders are automatically moved into the Workflow Manager with product orders emailed out to the supplier via our online One-Click Ordering System or Bulk Ordering feature.
  9. Follow-up and follow-through every order – Our tracking feature flags made-to-order or manufacturer delays so you are instantly notified and you can keep your customers updated. 
  10. Thousands of built in products to choose from – Quickly quote thousands of validated products from leading brands already loaded into our system. If your desired products aren’t already available, our team will add it in for you at no charge.

“I’ve gone from 2 hours to 20 minutes per quote. Now I can do 6 in one day between appointments, instead of several days to finish a single quote. It frees up so much time … I have my weekends and night-times back for the first time in years. I can send the worksheets off for ordering faster, so my customers get efficient turnaround and feel like they’re being looked after. It’s also great for cash flow, as we’re sending the deposit invoice that much faster..”

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The Most Feature-Rich Quoting Tool On the Market

Our feature-packed Quoting Tool is the only system that provides the most versatile and complete package to streamline the entire Quote to Order and Payment processes. The custom tool makes it easier for your sales team, suppliers and customers to get the job done with an automated, no-fuss system. The result is more sales and faster, and the most seamless and best experience for your customers.

Read more about our Quoting Tools here.

To see the Quoting Tool in action, watch or book a demonstration today.

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Once we saw the difference between Quoterite and other software out there, the choice was obvious. From a customized curtain quoting tool, to the ease in which we can track staff performance, Quoterite actually understand what’s needed to run a window furnishing business and give us all the tools to make it easier.

David Farren,
Jaleigh Curtains and Blinds